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The Top 5 Editing Features of Evoto AI
Today, I’m super excited to share with you five amazing features of Evoto AI that have completely amazed me. If [...read more]
What's your photography persona? (Quiz)
What's your photography persona? Perhaps you're a Virtuoso, a Luminary, or maybe a Passionista. Take the quick 1 minute quiz below [...read more]
How To Batch Edit A Gallery In Photoshop
Batch editing allows you to apply the same edits to a group of photos all at once, which can be [...read more]
How to Setup Auto Save in Photoshop
Since my "cat fail" moment, I've been vigilant about the auto-save settings in Photoshop in case of an emergency situation [...read more]
How to use the new brush & mask panel in Lightroom / ACR
How to use the new brush & masking interface in the October 2021 update to Lightroom Classic Creative Cloud with [...read more]
The  Signature Newborn Update: What's New!
Welcome to the brand new Signature Newborn Action Suite for Photoshop. This is the latest version (released November 2021) and [...read more]
How to use digital backgrounds for newborn photographers
Complete free composite guide for baby photographers using digital backgrounds. Includes how to shot for digitals and how to composite [...read more]
Help my Actions aren't working! Troubleshooting Guide 101
Sometimes, Photoshop actions can glitch or behave in ways that cause error messages to pop up. Below you can find [...read more]
10 Autumn Fall Photography Tips (for gorgeous editing)
Editing fall-themed autumnal images can present its own set of challenges. You want warm, but not too yellow. Contrast, but [...read more]
Optimize Photoshop preferences for faster performance
As a photographer, there is nothing more frustrating then battling with a laggy Photoshop interface when trying to edit a [...read more]
5 easy ways to make Photoshop run faster for editing photographs
As a photographer you only need to use a fraction of the tools and settings included within the Photoshop interface [...read more]
Fine Art Photography Backdrops for Studio Photographers by LSP Actions
Each and every backdrop in the LSP range has been designed with creative photographers in mind who want to shoot [...read more]
Printed Photography Backdrops For Cake Smash
These high quality vinyl backdrops shoot great and are wipe clean. This means no editing of the backdrops, no having [...read more]
It's so easy to become a dog photographer... (isn't it?)
In this guest blog, Amanda shares a little insight into her journey and her top tips so you can boost [...read more]
Turning Photoshop layer masks on or off
If you have noticed suddenly you do not have layer masks appearing next to your adjustment layers, or your Photoshop [...read more]
Reset the black, white & gray target colors in Photoshop
If you find your levels or curves are not behaving correctly and your blacks or whites appear to be lifted, [...read more]
Enter & win photography awards | exclusive discount code
Enter the Baby & Photographers Association awards, judged by some of the best in the industry. Here's your exclusive discount [...read more]
How to use Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts (Free Guide)
How to use Photoshop keyboard shortcuts! Including video tutorial and free printable cheat sheet guides you can print and keep [...read more]
How To Make A Real Wood Photography Backdrop For Photography
This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make your own distressed antique look real wood photography backdrop. Simple to make, lasts [...read more]
Create a wood look faded photography backdrop using paper and a pencil
If you want a pale, faded wood look photography background for use in your photography studio, you can create your [...read more]
Capture the sweet newborn pose your clients will love
his beautiful Newborn shot takes seconds to set up and capture, but is adored by your clients. Seeing baby so [...read more]
How to add texture overlays in Photoshop
How to add textures in photoshop for a fine art finish. Watch the video below to learn how to add a [...read more]
5 ways to remove banding in Photoshop
You may have noticed bands or strips of color over smooth or plain areas of your image in Photoshop (think [...read more]
Using Lightroom and Photoshop together when editing
Unleash the dream team! Here's how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together when editing. You can easily edit & switch between [...read more]
How to create a watermark brush in Photoshop
Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to add your watermark to your web images in Photoshop? [...read more]
How to use Frequency Separation in Photoshop
Frequency Separation in photoshop can seem a little daunting to begin with but, once you understand how it works, you [...read more]

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