Fur Babies Photoshop Actions

Video Tutorials

NOTICE: Fur Babies V2 update was released September 2021. 

If you owned Fur Babies pre-September 2021, you can get the upgrade to V2 by logging into your account and redownloading.


Video 1: How to install and set up the actions in Photoshop and Elements

Video 2: Complete overview & poochy portrait edit (each section explained)

Video 3: 2 images edited in this video

How to create a warm, deep edit and remove distractions / leash / collar

Video 4: A deep, blue, mystical forest edit

Video 5: A fine art portrait dog studio edit

PS — you can grab the Camden Textures Here

Video 6: A dark, moody horse edit

Video 7: A warm, color-graded Vizsla image

Watch 2 older tutorials for the original version of Fur Babies 

(the same techniques apply)

Video 1: (Collie Edit)

Video 2: Specialist edit - rescuing highlights and other colors.

(Muscle Bros)

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