Photographers, It's time to Supercharge your image editing.

You can create the beautiful images you dream of every time with the multi-award winning Photoshop actions, presets & overlays trusted bv over 25,000 portrait photographers to elevate and enhance editing.

With LSP Actions loaded in your digital tool kit, you can edit your images to the highest possible standard... fast! Oh, and they are so easy to use. All you need is Photoshop or Lightroom. Choose your style below for recommendations:

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Elevate your images to the next level... Effortlessly

Multi-award winning Photoshop actions, presets & overlays for creative photographers, who want to transform their images.

All you need is Photoshop to get started...

Trusted by professional photographers

It's time to elevate your work to the next level and create those beautiful images, without compromising on quality.

These editing tools are are suitable for all photographers, from hobbyists to professionals to enhance their galleries, speed up their editing and achieve consistently beautiful results.

Having LSP Actions loaded into your digital toolkit means no more editing guesswork, ever again

(so you can work smarter, not harder!)


Hi, I'm Lauren! A professional rock bassist turned award-winning photographer and editing tutor (plus a mother of four spirited young kids). 

I developed and launched LSP Actions for busy photographers who are savvy enough to know they need to speed up the turnaround for client galleries, but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to their images. If you find editing is taking up a huge amount of time, having LSP Actions loaded into your digital toolkit means no more guesswork when editing, ever again, so you can work smarter and faster. Because running your own business should mean more free time to do the things you love. 

There is more to life than spending hours upon hours editing, especially when you have a family to raise and a business to grow. It's time to use something that actually works, so you can finally fall in love with your images and spend your evenings where it matters and NOT stuck in front of the computer!

The LSP Actions editing tools are now used by some of the world's best loved photographers, (including Ana Brandt, Serap Seker, Natasha Ince, Paulina Duczman, Gary Hill, Cassie Clayshulte, Samantha Leon, Tianna Williams...) and has been awarded "Best Professional Photographic Software of the Year" the last 4 years in a row. Everything at LSP is Easy to use, with stunning results, so you can rest assured these are the only editing tools you'll ever need again — an that's a promise... [read more about LSP]

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With these powerful, user-friendly editing tools loading into your Photoshop, you can effortlessly elevate your images to the next level time and time again.

Introducing the suite of multi award-winning Photoshop Actions, Presets and Overlays, used by some of the best-loved photographers around the world to enhance and elevate their image retouching.

Simply plug and play directly into Photoshop or Lightroom, and you'll up and running with stunning client-ready images in the time it takes to make your morning coffee. 

Browse the collections and find everything you need to instantly transform your images and create that perfect, professional edit, so you can feel confident that every image you take will look beautiful (without ever having to pull an all-nighter editing ever again!)

  • Use with Photoshop

    Use with Photoshop (or Lightroom) desktop on Mac or Windows.

  • Adapts To Your Style

    Flexible, these editing tools work to enhance every image from hobbyist to pro-level!

  • Save Time Editing

    Works in seconds so you can finish your editing in half the time, without losing control.

  • Fast & Easy To Use

    User-friendly design, with tutorials included, so you can edit your images faster!

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