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"I’ve used so many textures from so many different resources over the years but there’s nothing like the textures of LSP Actions. There is such an incredible balance of colour, pattern and depth in every single texture I absolutely love them. That balance is literally the key of any good texture. Most of the ones I used before I found those from LSP actions, were very very heavy handed. The moment I would change the blending mode, the image would turn so so dark and I used to hate it. Thankfully that doesn’t happen with my LSP Textures. They add such a fine depth and mood to every image I use them on. I always invariably recommend them to my students."



Arguably one of THE most well-known photographers in the world, Sujata of But Natural Photography is a London, UK based, multi-award winning children, newborn, pregnancy /maternity and family photographer. In a span of just over two years, Sujata has achieved immense international recognition in terms of awards and publishing of her works and story in Forbes, The Daily Mail, Vanity Fair, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Country Living Magazine amongst others. Sujata is also a professor of photography at Spain’s most reputable photography institute EFTI

Her journey started when she became a mother herself and realized that she loved taking pictures of her daughter – Aayat. Aayat was a year and half old when Sujata finally made the camera her permanent companion and since then, she has never looked back. Clients have traveled from as far as Scotland, Ireland, India… even Saudi Arabia, to be photographed by Sujata. Sujata has taught and influenced works of several photographers across the world with her friendly advice, workshops and online training courses. She has now started to travel internationally for teaching and is scheduled to run workshops in Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, India and Argentina. Sujata is an endless source of inspiration, instinctive, vibrant, empathetic and positive. And it is this persona of her’s that is embodied in all her works.

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Sujata is adored around the globe for her creative connection shots between children and animals. She is known for her own, stunningly unique editing style which she creates by hand. Sujata loves to finish an image with the LSP Textures if the image lends itself so!

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Sujata runs workshops around the world that sometimes sell out in a matter of hours. Check here for a list of Sujata's upcoming workshop dates and countries