End User Licence and Digital Background Terms


On purchasing a product through the successful completion of checkout using the LSP Actions®™ website or on the completion of payment using other means, or upon receipt of a free product you have legally acquired DIRECTLY from LSP Actions®™, you are automatically granted the licence to use that product.

This licence is for you and you alone. You may install and run the product on more than one computer but only on computers belonging to you and used only by you.

You are not permitted to alter, sell, re-sell, mirror, redistribute, transfer or take ownership of any LSP Actions®™ products in any way, or to share LSP Actions®™ products with any organisation, individual or entity by any medium or means, whether for profit or not for profit.

You are not permitted to copy or imitate any LSP Actions®™ products in any way.

You are not permitted to modify, decompile, attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any LSP Actions®™ products.

You are not permitted to remove or attempt to remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from any LSP Actions®™ products.

Anyone found to be in breach of these terms will be permanently banned from using our services and may face legal action.

All LSP Actions®™ products remain © Copyright LSP Actions®™. LSP Actions®™ is a trading name of Lemon Sky Photography Ltd.


In addition to the END-USER LICENCE TERMS above - which apply to ALL LSP Actions®™ products - there are additional terms that are specific to LSP Actions®™ Digital Backgrounds, as follows:

The image must feature your own newborn / client image, composited in and be flattened and saved as a JPEG before it becomes part of your client gallery or your portfolio — a "Finished Composite".

You can share the finished composite in all the usual ways within your business, such as:

- Within your website portfolio
- On social media
- As part of your client's digital image gallery
- Sold to your client as a finished composite JPEG
- In print
- In any other way that aligns with your photography services

LSP Actions ®™ Digital Backgrounds are not to be used for:

X Competition / Awards
X Resale / redistribution
X Sharing with other photographers
X Given as a gift as it is (if it is flat with subject inserted, then you can gift the image to your client following the terms of your photography service as above).
X You CANNOT share the digital background as it is, without your photographed subject inserted.

If you are unsure if your intended use of the LSP Actions®™ Digital Backgrounds falls within these terms, please email
us at hello@lsp-actions.com so that we can assist you.