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LSP Actions by Lemon Sky are suitable for beginners, but are also used by some of the best in the industry world-wide. Find out more about why these industry leaders prefer to use LSP Actions and Presets as part of their editing routine.

how does ana brandt edit in photoshop


(Global photography educator and designer)

"I am obsessed with these actions. They are unlike any other actions on the market, they suit every image and just cut your workflow in half. LSP are the best I've ever used and now the ONLY actions I will use!"

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how does ana brandt edit in photoshop


(Newborn Photographer Of The Year)

"Iā€™ve used LSP actions on every one of my award winning images. Being able to change tweak them to make sure my images stay truly in my style, LSP are actions I use with every single session I photograph."

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best newborn photography editors in photoshop baby editing


(Newborn Photographer & Trainer)

"Thank the lord for LSP Actions. They are my go-to set when editing newborns for my clients. These are my two favorite actions from the Signature Newborn set: Reduce the reds and Bye Bye Jaundice. It is literally a life saver" 

the guild of photographers england photoshop editing newborn category awards


(Master Craftsman Photographer & Guild Panel Member)

"I have used quite a few sets of actions but these are different, having the option to apply to your own taste is perfect. So very quick and easy to apply with no fuss, they save me so much editing time! Completely changed the way I look at my work!"

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gary hill best portrait lighting in the uk | how to light photo properly studio lighting


(Photographer of the year | Studio Photography educator)

"LSP Actions are exceptional. I started with an open mind after other photographers had been raving. A couple of weeks in, I removed all other actions from my machines! Simple to use, superb variety and they do JUST what they say" 

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photographer how to do ips in person sales maggie robinson


(Newborn Photographer & Trainer)

Famous not only for her stunning award-winning photography but also for her outspoken, comedic-yet-honest views on the newborn Photography industry, Maggie Robinson has become a household name in the world of photographers. 

melanie east author of the Art Of Newborn Photography book published


(Author: The Art Of The Newborn)

"It is now incredibly easy to achieve beautiful baby skin tones! As a busy newborn photographer and trainer, it is important for me to use actions that are not only quick and easy, but which also create the exact effect I am after"

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melissa Mj biasi how to do ips to increase your photogrpahy sales


(Published Photographer & Educator)

"Which LSP actions I adore: ummm... all of them! I think I use them now on every image, huge time savers! Also a HUGE fan of the creamy matte overlay. Honestly... I play around and see what works per image, but these are my FAVES!!"

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how to shoow and edit like natasha ince | natasha ince maternity editing and workshops


(Newborn Photographer & Trainer)

"YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE. I am obsessed with LSP Actions and recommend them to all my students. The textures, the actions, the glitters, They are the best ever! And I especially LOVEEEEEE LSP colour change. I'm Obsessed" 

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fine art photographer samantha leon on how she edits fine art in photoshop


(Award-winning fine art photographer)

"I absolutely adore LSP Actions! The ease of each action and the ability to fine tune them for each photographer's preferred style is just brilliant. So often when photographers purchase actions, there isn't any support on how to use them to the best of their ability, that is not the case with LSP"

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serap seker newborn baby photography educator


(Newborn photography Educator)

"Thanks to LSP, I save so much time while editing my photos that I use this time to develop different areas of my work and spend time with my familyā€

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how to edit like sujata setia but natural photography textures


(But Natural Photography)

"Iā€™ve used so many textures over the years but thereā€™s nothing like the textures of LSP. They add such a fine depth and mood to every image I use them on. I always recommend them to my students"  

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how to edit like sujata setia but natural photography textures


(World-renown Maternity portrait photographer)

"My editing workflow wouldn't be the same without LSP Actions... all you would need and want in an actions collection!" 

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(Founder: The Newborn Photography Show)

"I am usually an action hater as most are very heavy-handed and don't work as you would want them to. But LSP Actions are SO easy and work so effectively! Grab them while you can" 

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