Natasha Ince

Natasha loves the LSP Color Palette, The Essential Studio Retouch Collection
and the Fine Art Texture Overlays

If you have attended a workshop with Natasha, you get a 50% discount code to use with LSP Actions!

image credit Sarah from Blossom Lane

Natasha Ince's style is instantly recognizable, which is what you would expect from the UK's maternity photographer sweetheart! Natasha has exploded into every photographer's heart over the past year, becoming a firm favorite on the European training scene. Whether she is training solo, or joining forces with the formidable entity that is Maggie Robinson, you can guarantee a unique and empowering workshop which will leave your head spinning with fresh ideas and your heart full of inspiration. Natasha is passionate about Maternity portraiture and the way in which woman are portrayed in pregnancy photography. Natasha uses LSP Actions when editing as well as her own hand-techniques. Natasha particularly loves the LSP Fine Art Texture overlays, the Signature Newborn and Studio Photoshop Actions and the LSP Color Palette as you can see from these stunning examples below:

"   BE PROUD, BE GLAM and FEEL AMAZING. Forget the nice, soft bump images you may have seen in the past... feel POWERFUL, DYNAMIC and BEAUTIFUL... because let's face it... LOOK WHAT YOUR BODY IS DOING!!!! I am so passionate about maternity portraiture. It's time think about YOU because once this amazing human is born, all you'll think about is them. I photograph so many newborns, but only a very small percentage of their amazing Mothers. This makes me sad, not only because I think that all bumps are beautiful, but because this time that you are carrying your baby is the most exciting period of your life.  "


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Natasha loves the LSP Color Palette, The Essential Studio Retouch Collection and the Fine Art Texture Overlays.
If you have attended a workshop with Natasha, you get a 50% discount code to use with LSP Actions!

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