"With the softest of touches, you can create superior galleries that will leave even the savviest of photographers scratching their head and captivated with your images"

Fine Art Texture Overlays for Photographers

£35.00 GBP

Used by some of the world's most adored photographers, the LSP texture packs contain a collection of high-resolution overlays with various strengths and styles depending on your personal tastes. The textures are Incredibly high end, yet deliriously simple to use, the textures are a hit with all photographers from beginners to award-winning professionals.

Overview ▾  


Edit like a pro, without ever leaving Photoshop or Lightroom. In just one click, LSP plays the Photoshop Texture Action (included) in seconds, doing all the hard work for you. The texture action included will help you place, blend and apply your texture without affecting your original image. Simply turn it on or off to see the difference! Add professional contrast, tone, blend mode, layer masks and depth with just a couple more clicks. Your chosen texture overlay will be placed perfectly, ready to simply paint away from your subject's face using the polished, easy and intuitive action provided. 

Create a gorgeous, high end finish your clients and fellow photographers will adore.

The LSP Textures have been hand designed and selected for photographers who want to add that stunning, professional, high-end finish, without ruining their image or over-doing it. Don't take my word for it: with an infinite number of ways you can use these textures, you be the judge and find out just how much more refined your images about to become. 

 What Are Textures? ▾ 

What is a texture?

A texture is an image you can lay over another to create the feel of 3d depth and the feeling of a physical texture. The LSP textures are flattened high-resolution JPEGS created by myself and hand-selected to suit Studio and Outdoor Photographers. Some of the LSP texture layers have taken hundreds of layers and weeks of experimenting, tweaking, and user testing to achieve that perfect finish. Once purchased, you will own the texture collection for life meaning you can use again and again for your signature style.



How Do I add a texture in photoshop?

The short answer? VERY EASILY! You can add the LSP textures by hand in photoshop (or other editing programs) by placing or copy/pasting the texture JPEG on top of your image. You then alter the blend mode and add a layer mask to paint on or off... BUT I've got you covered there too: included in your purchase is the LSP Texture Action. Simply add this action to photoshop and with one click, everything is taken care of in a few seconds, leaving you to play and enjoy your textures without the stress of experimenting. There are videos showing you how you can achieve this, but really it is very simple:


1. play the lsp texture action


2. select continue and choose your texture


3. resize your texture how you like


4. hit enter and the action will play out


5. paint the texture away from faces. The action will even set your brush up and have the correct layer ready, so you don't have to do anything but paint!


Finished image:

The Artisan Collection  

The Artisan Texture Collection

This deep contrast texture pack contains the LSP texture action PLUS 10 high-resolution texture Jpegs, each with an additional desaturated version. For studio and outdoor photographers who want to make a bold, beautiful statement with their imagery. Each texture has a name as beautiful as the result desired, so you'll never forget your favorites! The Artisan Collection has been used by hundreds of photographers around the world and are fast gaining momentum of one of the more well known texture finishers.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src=";start=9" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Textures included in the Artisan Collection (Each texture has an additional desaturation version):

| Artiste | Brood | Conflate | Denouement | Erstwhile | Felicity | Gossamer | Halcyon | Lagoon | Penumbra | PLUS the texture Photoshop action to apply and edit your textures seamlessly |



The Boutique Collection   

The Boutique Texture Collection

This diverse texture set is ideal for photographers of all genres and abilities. One of the most popular LSP downloads of all time, this best selling texture pack contains eight unique textures each with five tonal varieties to complement your image, add depth and a fine art finish. From seamless backdrops to storytelling photography, the Boutique set is diverse and will be a texture set you can use forever.


Included in the boutique collection:

Each texture has 5 tonal variations, there are 40 texture files in total in this set | Artisan | Grit Light | Impact | Peel Grunge | Portrait Filter | Spatter | Stone | Wood Wash | PLUS THE TEXTURE PHOTOSHOP ACTION TO APPLY AND EDIT YOUR TEXTURES SEAMLESSLY.







How to use the LSP Textures + Action

How to use the LSP textures by hand

Guest Video: By Karen Wiltshire

How to add perspective to a texture in photoshop


Sent in by gorgeous LSP users:



How to Download ▾ 
File Format
After checkout, you will be sent your download file in a separate email (make sure you check junk!) 

The textures are VERY high resolution so please allow extra download time.
File is ZIP file and needs to be unzipped before use.

Inside you will find the *.atn file which is the action - double click to install into your photoshop actions palette.
You will also find your HIGH RESOLUTION texture Jpegs included in the zip file. You will need to unzip these into a folder for use in Photoshop.
If you require further instructions, or a general overview of how to use Photoshop Actions check out the links below after you have purchased and downloaded.