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Let Sujata guide you through creating your own storytelling masterpiece:

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  • Unlock the path to your own soulful storytelling photography & editing style


    Behind the lens with Sujata Setia at But Natural Photography

    In these exclusive Creative Editing Bundles, Sujata shares years of learning with you in the form of these carefully created Fine Art Editing video tutorials accompanied by matching sets of editing tools that will make it easy to recreate what you see on video.

    You'll discover how to turn simple moments of life into something absolutely magical, using these photography and editing techniques.

    As seen in...

    Learn how to edit like this...


    ... and the final result will almost be like a painting 

    - SUJATA

    Discover Sujata's Online Workshops, Tutorials + Actions

    The Complete Fine Art Editing Bundle

    Learn how to turn your images into ART with the entire bundle.

    Includes ALL FIVE tutorials on this page

    The RAW Practice Files to download

     BONUS TUTORIAL: Toddler & Dog Baking

    ✓ BONUS ACTIONS: Sujata's PS Actions 

     BONUS VIDEO: All about Light 



    Individual Tutorials

    Editing Tutorial: Grandma and Child

    Learn how to edit dreamy storytelling images with grandparents and grandchildren.

    Includes the RAW Practice File so you can edit along.

     BONUS: Sujata's Photoshop Actions (worth £99) 


    Editing Tutorial: Young Girl & Her Goat

    Discover both portrait and storytelling photography editing techniques.

    Includes the RAW Practice File so you can edit along.

     BONUS: Sujata's Photoshop Actions (worth £99) 


    Editing Tutorial: Motherhood with Sheep

    Turn a very simple moment into something absolutely magnificent. Includes compositing and blending. 

    Includes the RAW Practice File so you can edit along.

     BONUS: Sujata's Photoshop Actions (worth £99) 


    Editing Tutorial: The Family Portrait

    How to edit a dreamy, rich family portrait that tells a story and and draws the viewer in. 

    Includes the RAW Practice File so you can edit along.

     BONUS: Sujata's Photoshop Actions (worth £99) 


    Editing Tutorial: Sisters With Goat In NY

    Create a gorgeous glimpse into a hidden moment in this special editing tutorial captured in New York.

    Includes the RAW Practice File so you can edit along.

     BONUS: Sujata's Photoshop Actions (worth £99) 


    Hi, I am Sujata and I have so much to share with you

    When I first picked up the camera I quickly discovered there was more to photography than gear and taking images.

    After years of self-doubt and frustration with my work, I started to work on the VOICE, the SOUL of my art.

    I started to make sure that every image I created, said something. Made my audiences feel something… and that in turn, became my identity.

    Art with a soul. Art with its own voice.

    And now I want to pass on the soul, the voice of my art to you. You can browse and purchase creative bundles, now exclusive to LSP Actions.

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    Sujata's tutorials are very easy to follow. The best thing is, you can watch as many times as you want. So if there is something you need to go over a few times you can simply pause or rewind the video.

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