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“I highly depend on LSP actions for all of their actions and products, however I mainly use the Camden Texture, Newborn and Maternity actions. I use the texture collection in 99% of my work! These actions make a huge difference in my work flow and are approved and come highly recommended

by me”


Visions by Janessa Photography is an authority in high-end newborn, maternity, childhood, motherhood and family photography. This talented photographer continues to redefine the industry not only by providing superb photographs but also by offering excellent services and personalized backdrops.

Fine Art Photographer Janessa Taber

Visions By Janessa is owned and run by multi-award-winning celebrity photographer Janessa Taber. Janessa’s headquarters is based in the small quaint town of Historical Downtown Gridley, California and her secondary studio location in Irvine, California.

Janessa attributes her passion for photography to her father, Donald Taber, who gave her her first-ever camera when she was only six years old. Since then, the young girl became fascinated with taking pictures, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, the dedicated woman honed her craft and enhanced her skills with the support of her husband Paul Deniz of Biggs CA, she has now become one of the most coveted photographers and artists in her field. 

She has also earned the recognition of several award-giving bodies, including winning the $5000.00 photography contest paid for by Procter & Gamble’s Charmin Toilet Paper in 2004. Her work even appeared on the covers of several magazines.. Janessa also recently won Yuba-Sutter’s BEST Photographer of 2021 making her one of the leading photographers in the Northern California region of the photography industry. 

People from all walks of life and even celebrities like Jon Lovitz, Kristy Osmunson, Angel Salazar, Farrah Abraham, Hollywood stunt actress, Michelle Elise Shock and iheart radio music director Newal Dehan have commissioned her work. She has also worked with many other celebrities who Janessa has signed Non disclosure agreements with, but we will leave that to your imagination! On top of that, she has worked for politicians, assembly members, black media and across the country including international clients that travel to her, even some as far as Mexico.

Moving forward, Janessa Taber hopes to work with more clients and expand her business. But most importantly, she aims to continue helping her clients bring their visions to life and give them a meaningful keepsake that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. We are delighted to have Janessa onboard as a Featured Photographer at LSP Actions!

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Janessa edits using LSP Actions to enhance her stunning, high-end portraiture 

"I specialize in Maternity, Newborn, Babies, Childhood and Families. I actually own every editing tool Lauren at LSP Actions has released and highly depend on LSP actions for all of their actions and products. I mainly use the Camden Texture Overlay Collection, The Signature Newborn Photoshop Action Suite and the Maternity Boudoir & Femme Actions. I use the texture collection in 99% of my work and all of the skin color correction as well as fabric smoothing, teeth whitening, hair color correction and more. The actions make a huge difference in my work flow and are approved and come highly recommended by me. I recommend these editing tools to all of my students in the Photography Community"

- Janessa Taber | Visions By Janessa

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Janessa is a multi-award winning photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Babies, Childhood and Families. She has won many awards for her gorgeous photography, some of which include:

• Yuba-Sutter's Favorite Photographer 2008, 2020; 

• Yuba-Sutter's Best Photographer 2021-2022; 

• Biggs Best Photographer 2015, 

• Multiple awards in the shoot and share contests, 

• Grand Prize winner of "Charmin" Toilet Paper Photo Contest (Proctor and Gamble Co)


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