Maternity | Photoshop Actions
Maternity | Photoshop Actions

Maternity | Photoshop Actions

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The LSP Maternity Photoshop Action Collection has been developed by Lauren at Lemon Sky and overseen by Ana Brandt - the world's most prolific and well known maternity photographer.

Specific Photoshop Actions for Pregnancy shoots, in workflow order especially designed for achieving high end, divine and bespoke polished galleries.

This set contains 30 essential actions needed when editing a maternity gallery from 1-click image adjustments, perfect skin and detail airbrushes and specialist actions for belly, stretch marks, black and white and more...

RE-RELEASE COMING SOON thank you for your patience. To be notified as soon as it's live, email me at





This has now split into this set (Maternity) and Studio Vogue (available here)

Information for those who own the original Maternity Vogue: You purchased when this set was all in one. You can login to your account to access your complimentary files of BOTH new versions to keep as well as your original set. If you do not have an account, you can simply make one using the email address you purchased with and you will be able to access your downloads.

To view the original videos from the retired Maternity Vogue click here