By Lauren Bennett | 8 minute video

Photographer and editing tutor at


How to use the new brush & masking interface in the October 2021 update to Lightroom Classic Creative Cloud with your saved Lightroom Brush Presets. 

Don't let the new panel layout or masking features intimidate you! It's actually an awesome new feature that just takes little getting used to. Here's how it works with the LSP Brushes (or other custom brushes). You can use your LSP brushes in the same way as before, just the way you set the brush up has changed a little. This video below walks you through the new interface and how to add a brush to the mask:

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For all LSP Actions Lightroom Presets & Brushes tutorials, you can visit:

This update is for the following LSP Actions Presets & Lightroom Brush Packs:

• LSP Sentimental Storyteller / Cherished Dreams Presets & Brushes

• LSP Soft, Pure White Presets & Brushes

• LSP Newborn Baby Presets & Brushes

• LSP Essential Studio Presets & Brushes

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