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The ProFabric Fine-Art Printed Backdrop Range

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AUGUST 12 2021

It's time to ditch the disposable paper and stock up on a selection of life-long gorgeous, hardwearing fine-art backdrops for your studio photo sessions...

Hi, I'm Lauren at Lemon Sky Photography and it gives me great pride and pleasure to announce the launch of the LSP Signature Backdrop Range at Click Props Backdrops. 

Each and every backdrop in the LSP range has been designed with creative photographers in mind who want to shoot the most stunning, eye-catching images in their studio. These are ideal for portrait, family, maternity, editorial, glamour and everything in-between! 

“Durable, high quality and sumptuous. Ideal for shooting eye-catching fine art, editorial studio portraits”

Get 10%off ANY of the LSP Signature Range of backgrounds using the code LSP10 here at Click Props Backdrops and save £39 - £55 off your order!

£395 - £550

Backdrop: ART BOTANICAL | Shot by Nick Alexander

Backdrop: CHINTZ RECLAIMED | Shot by Charlie Kaufman

Backdrop: CONKERS | Shot by Gary Hill

These high quality backdrops are printed on the finest quality ProFabric textured heavyweight material. Each backdrop comes attached on a bonus 2.72m/8.92’ aluminium pole (worth £70 but gifted and fitted free with each drop) and are ready to set on any roller system. This means you can simply hang-and-go.

I'll cut straight to the chase: It's time to elevate your studio photography to the next level. You can have the best camera, the savviest photoshop actions (ahem ahem), awesome lighting and gorgeous subjects… but if your backdrops are a boring or a let-down, the whole image will underwhelm. This is where investing in luxury backdrops comes in to play. It's time to take the plunge and elevate your art to the next level.

The seamless design means no editing of the backdrops, no laundering, and (because they're not printed on paper) no wrinkles or having to throw in the trash. Buy once, keep for ever! These are robust and will last a lifetime. This means you can literally hang straight onto your backdrop system and pull up or down. 

It's the little touches like this that made me say yes to Click Props and why I have turned down other backdrop companies in the past who asked me to design drops for them.

Want to dive straight in? Here is your 10% code: LSP10 simply pop it in at checkout over on the Click Props Backdrops website to swipe 10% off any of my LSP Signature drops.

Browse the LSP ProFabric Backdrops catalogue & choose your favorite:

Ana Brandt Says:

"I'm speechless, these are stunning. The designs are beautiful... I want to make wallpaper out of them. What I found so impressive was, they came with bars so I can hang them straight up like a roll. This is huge, it means I can actually hang these on my wall, on my roller system! The sizing is perfect and I'm going to use these for all my clients."

— Ana Brandt

More Information:


Large: £395.00 — 2.72m x 2.72m (8.92ft x 8.92ft) Square Wall

Large Double: £550.002.72m x 4.57m (8.92ft x 15ft) Wall & Floor Sweep


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ProFabric made from hardwearing, non reflective 280gsm polyester fabric. 

Available in 3 sizes unique to the ProFabric range. Medium back to floor drops are pre-mounted on 2_ card core. Both large and extra large back to floor drops are attached to 2_ by 2.72m aluminium tube (universally fits all roller systems). 

Supplied in a card box. Designed and manufactured in the UK.


All Click Props Backdrops are priced in £GBP (English Pounds).

Shopping internationally? Simply pop the price into a currency calculator on google to see what this converts to in your currency.

International Shipping: There is a flat rate fee, no matter how many backdrops you add to cart! So stock up for the best deal. 

Get 10%  off ANY of the LSP Signature Range of backgrounds using the code LSP10 here at Click Props Backdrops.

£395 - £550


Hi, I'm Lauren a professional rock bassist turned photographer and designer (plus a mother of four spirited young kids).

As an internationally award-winning newborn and portrait photographer over at Lemon Sky Photography in England, I feel so honored to have been asked to design a signature range of printed backdrops for CPB. The quality is unmatched in my opinion and Click are the industry leaders for printed photography backdrops, which is why I did not hesitate to jump at this opportunity. 

Every element in the LSP Signature Range at Click Props Backdrops has been meticulously worked on to ensure stunning and versatile results when shooting with these backgrounds, both in camera and during the editing process. I'm thrilled to be able to offer you a 10% discount (saving a huge £39 - £55 off each drop!) Simply add the code LSP10 to checkout here on the Click Props Backdrops website. 

An award-winning portrait photographer for 7 years, I have tried every type of background going! From paper, to perspex, to click-together boards and everything in between. But I could never find that sweet spot. You know, that didn't require a ton of editing, or lopping large pieces of paper into the bin (ouch) or a small fortune on cleaning... until I came across the Click Props ProFabric Backdrops.

Not only do they shoot amazingly (oh the detail!) they are also durable, wipe clean (hallelujah) and come with their own aluminum tube ready fitted. This means no more money down the drain on paper drops, no more awkward hanging and, as these drops are so robust, there is no having to replace them because of creases.

Are they the cheapest out there? Absolutely not! And nor should they be. My Grandfather always said, buy cheap buy twice and this is certainly true when it comes to photography backdrops. This is a one-off investment into your business and you will reap the rewards for years and years to come. 

#FunFact — I have been approached by other companies in the past about creating printed drops, I have always turned them down because I didn't believe in the quality of the product. I only want my name added to the best of the best. So when Charlie Kaufman, CEO of Click Props, asked me to create a Signature Range of backdrops for Cake Smash Photographers, I jumped at the chance because I truly believe in this product.

You can view the full range here: View the LSP Signature Collection of Backgrounds - don't forget to knock 10% off at checkout with the code LSP10.

Those who are familiar with me (oh hiiiii) already know, I'm a firm believer in saving time in your business and focusing where it matters. This is why I developed the (now world renown) Photoshop and Lightroom editing tools over at LSP Actions in 2015, for busy photographers who are savvy enough to know they need to speed up their turnaround for client galleries but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to editing their images. 

There is more to life than spending hours upon hours editing, especially when you have a family to raise and a business to grow! It's time to use something that is actually proven to work. You can checkout the LSP Actions editing tools here.

Why not come and join thousands of other photographers in the friendly LSP Actions Editing group on facebook to advance your editing and save time in your biz [join group]. 

Lauren xoxox

Get 10%off ANY of the LSP Signature Range of backgrounds using the code LSP10 here at Click Props Backdrops.

£395 - £550