Signature Newborn Photoshop Action Suite

Video Tutorials

1: How to install Photoshop Actions

2: Overview & Getting Started

3: Complete Edit soft and sweet  (1 video)

Complete Newborn Edit Start TO Finish

4: Complete Edit healing flakes & spots (1 video)

Complete Newborn Edit Start TO Finish

5: Fast Skin Editing   (3 videos)

3 minute skin edit 1

3 minute skin edit 2

6: Ana Brandt - Removing The Reds (1 video)


7: Complete Edit  Dreamy Darker Skin  (1 video)

Dreamy Darker Newborn Skin 

8: Ana Brandt - Fast Baby Edits   (5 videos)

ANA BRANDT - Baby Skin Edit #1

ANA BRANDT - Newborn Baby Edit #2

ANA BRANDT - simple newborn edit #3

ANA BRANDT - Quick Newborn Skin Edit #4

ANA BRANDT - Quick Newborn Skin Edit #5

9: How to use the Blanket Crease / Blanket Fade Actions  (1 video)

How to use blanket crease / blanket fade

10: How To Use Select & Fix   (1 video) 


11: How To Use Frequency Separation  (1 video) 


This video shows you how to set up your own FS layers, you don't need to do this as the action is already included. It's worth watching the whole video to understand the frequency separation process

Create the most breathtakingly beautiful galleries for your clients, every single time. This complete Photoshop Action Editing Suite loads instantly and sets up all the layers for you, so you can ditch the guesswork and transform your Newborn images. No edit it too tricky - brush away flakes, fix backgrounds and create gorgeous, silky finishes in a fraction of the time, even if you're a beginner.