Reset the black, white & gray target colors in Photoshop

Reset the black, white & gray target colors in Photoshop

If you find your levels or curves are not behaving correctly and your blacks or whites appear to be lifted, you can easily reset the absolute black and white points in a few clicks.


Watch the video to see how to easily reset Photoshop's target colors (absolute black, white and gray) in a few easy steps, using the curves or levels tabs.

Or, follow the instructions below the video to find out how to reset Photoshop's target colors in a few easy steps.

how to reset photoshop target colors black white gray in levels curves

How do I know my colors are correct in Photoshop?

You may notice when using levels, curves or photoshop actions that the image appears hazy, matte or just downright funky looking! This probably means somewhere along the way, your target colors have been messed with. Photoshop needs to know what you class as absolute black or white in your image, if these are altered then Photoshop will adapt the way your image looks accordingly. But don't worry, it's an easy fix! Watch the video below or scroll down to read the easy 10 steps to resetting all 3 of photoshop's target colors back to defaults. 

How to reset target colors in Photoshop to absolute black, white or gray using levels or curves 

  1. Open Photoshop.

  2. Open an image.

  3. Add a levels or curves adjustment layer. You will see the 3 little eyedropper icons for black, gray and white.

  4. Double click the black eyedropper (top) and you will see the color picker box appear.

  5. Make sure the black are set to #000000 (all the way to the bottom left).

  6. Hit "OK" and you will see a box appear "Save The New Target Colors As Defaults"?

  7. Hit "YES"

  8. Repeat for the gray dropper (middle) and choose #808080

  9. Repeat for the white dropper (bottom) and choose #ffffff

  10. Your colors are now reset to absolute black, white and mid-tone gray!


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