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How to make editing Autumn Fall Photoshoots a breeze

The season of pumpkin spice lattes is nearly upon us. Leaves are starting to turn and the stores are already stocking Halloween decor and candies (I swear this happens earlier each year). 

For photographers, this can only mean one thing: the start of busy season (hold on to your seatbelts!) 

Whether you are a hobbyist or full-time, the autumn months going into winter are one of the best times for creating those stunning, rich toned portraits our clients adore.

Editing fall-themed autumnal images can present its own set of challenges. You want warm, but not too yellow. Contrast, but not too dark. Rich tones, but not colors that clash or distract... It's a minefield, the difference between a breath-taking fall shot and an "ok" shot is a fine line indeed.

Click below to download the free guide "10 tips for Breath-Taking Fall Photography" which includes 15 pages of tips you can use in camera and during editing to capture stunning, rich toned fall images this autumn season for your photography clients. 

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As with all successful editing, the process starts in the camera. Getting it right in camera will set you up for an enjoyable edit and a stunning final image. Download the free guide right away, or continue reading for the 10 quick tips.

Here are 10 quick tips you can use during the session to make editing Autumn Photoshoots a breeze:

1. In natural light set your white balance to “cloudy” this gives a lovely warm feel, without being overly yellow (I recommend always taking a shot of a gray card too, in case you need to tweak in post-processing). Do not use auto-white balance as the fall tones can confuse the settings and end up with cold, gray images.

2.Make the best of golden hour this is one hour before sunset, and in fall the most magical, warm alluring light. 

3.Shoot wide open and make sure the subject is far away from the background, for that creamy background blur (in layman's terms, open up to the smallest f-number your lens allows).

4. If the light is behind your subject, you will get gorgeous bokeh peeping through (make sure your subject's face has sufficient light too, to avoid gray skin tones. A reflector can often help).

5. Embrace the elements. Misty mornings, bright sunshine casting beams of light through forest leaves, rain glistening everywhere you look, cloudy days giving gorgeous even light... don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and use the fall weather to your advantage.

6. In the studio pop the light and airy setups to one side and bring in the darker, warm toned props. Think about deep, rich colors, natural props such as woods, and luxurious textures to signify the season. 

7. Speed lights if you are using off camera flash, you may wish to feather your light even more. 

8. Gathering natural props. Ditch the plastic tat from the supermarket, and instead forage for fallen leaves, tree nuts and pinecones. These all make gorgeous additions to your indoor sessions and add a high-end boutique feel to your sessions (make sure you clean these items thoroughly).

9. Color Harmonies. Using the color wheel, the complimentary tones to the rich oranges and browns of autumn are lush greens, blues and indigos. Adding small splashes of these colors to your sessions can look stunning.

Secondary gorgeous tones are yellow and purple. Using natural beiges and warm whites are also beautiful in a fall setup. Use these tones in your client “what to wear guide” props, fabrics and more.

10. When Editing — Don't be afraid to go bold with your fall edits. Push the vibrance and contrast, deepen the shadows and calm the highlights. Enhance those natural colors, embracing the season as it is. 

Using the LSP Outdoor Action Collection for Photoshop or the Boho Dust & Bokeh Brushes can really make your autumn shoots pop. Add falling leaves with the LSP Organic Fall Leaves Overlays adds an instant fall-vibe, and the beauty is you can use the complimentary action set to add a rich Autumn Spice overlay to your shots!

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Breath-taking fall photography tips AS A PDF guide sent straight to your inbox for free

Simply click here, I'll send you the complimentary 10 tips for breath-taking autumn photography E-Guide, for free!

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