Essential Studio Preset Pack

For Lightroom & ACR

Fast, flawless adjustments for studio photographers. Instantly balance your image & batch across the whole gallery in seconds. 

Newborn Photoshop Actions for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 PSE 14-19



Arranged in individual sections so you can build your image up. Use Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.


Hobbyist or pro, these presets will work on all studio images, so you can effortlessly retouch and batch across the whole gallery in moments.


Instant online library access to installation walkthroughs and a video tutorial to show you exactly how to use these presets & brushes.[in English].


Digital download sent straight to your inbox and available from your account anytime in the future if you need to get it again. Upgrades are included for free!

Transform your Studio images

time and time again, using presets.

Introducing The

Essential Studio Presets & Brushes

For Lightroom (all versions) and Adobe Camera Raw

Transform your portraits in just a few clicks. This Essential preset workflow base for studio photographers contains 35 presets in editing order for balancing and quickly editing your studio & portrait images using Lightroom or ACR. 15 Brushes are also included for skin retouching, lighting tweaks, color toning and a fine art finish. For users of all abilities, this collection will allow you to achieve a professional finish on all studio galleries.

 These presets & brushes are powerful and intuitive enough to be used as a complete start to finish editing tool for Lightroom only, or you can mix & match with Photoshop or hand editing, whatever suits you best! 

Suitable for use with:

  • Creative Cloud

  • Lightroom Classic

  • Lightroom*

  • Lightroom Mobile*

  • Lightroom (older)

  • Adobe Camera Raw

*Please note: Brushes only compatible with full versions of Lightroom Classic or ACR.

  • Flexible and editable. These presets are arranged in editing order, so you can build your image up in sections. Rather than a "one click fits all" approach, this means you can turn on or off certain effects to fully suit your vision. Click, tweak and done!

  • Tailored brushes. Brushes included allow you to get in close and fix skin, change toning, add depth and a fine art finish.

  • Batch across all images. Edit your portrait in seconds, then simply synchronise the adjustments across the whole gallery in a second. Perfect for soft-proofing or a full edit!


What's Inside?


Each section is independent of the others, so you can build the edit up to suit your image.


- LSP Main Base

- LSP Clean Base

- Calibration Standard

- Calibration Neutral

- Calibration Flat

- Reset As Shot


- Brighten Up +1

- Brighten Up +2

- Brighten Up +3

- Darken Down -1

- Darken Down -2

- Lights Back To 0


- Lift The Shadows

- Darken the Shadows

- Lift The Highlights

- Rescue The Highlights

- As Shot


 - Cool Down +1 

 - Cool Down +2

 - Warm Up +1 

 - Warm Up +2 

 - As Shot 


- Reduce The Reds

- Reduce Reds + Yellows

- Reduce Yellows

- Color Boost

- Slight Desat

- As Shot


- Subtle Contrast Boost

- Deeper Contrast Boost

- Brighter Contrast Boost

- De-Contrast Boost

- Matte Contrast

- As Shot


- Reduce Noise

- High Sharpen

- Vignette

- Slight Matte

- Contrast Black & White

- As Shot


Transform specific areas of your image using these custom local adjustments.

  • Brighten & Lift Brush
  • Darken & Shade Brush
  • Rescue Whites Brush
  • Rescue Blacks Brush
  • 3D Contour Booster
  • Warm Up Brush
  • Cool Down Brush
  • Skin Smooth & Soften Brush
  • Sharpen Up Details Brush
  • Eye, Lash & Brow Boost Brush
  • Iris Dazzle Brush
  • Reduce The Reds Brush
  • Reduce The Yellow Brush
  • Reduce The Purples Brush
  • Fine Art Finish Brush

Newborn Photoshop Actions for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 PSE 14-19

Essential Studio Presets

Lightroom Preset & Brush Collection

Get this complete studio post processing preset pack for Lightroom & ACR so you can consistently create stunning fine-art portraits (without the guesswork) time and time again.

  • 35 mix n' match Presets

  • 15 Brushes

  • Video tutorials included

  • Installation Guide included


Meet The Creator

Hi I'm Lauren. A professional rock bassist turned internationally award-winning photographer and editing tutor (plus a mother of four spirited young kids).

As a portait photographer and designer over at Lemon Sky Photography in England, I developed and launched the LSP Actions suite of editing tools for busy photographers who know they need to crank up the "WOW factor" of their photography and speed up the turnaround for client galleries — but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to their images. The suite of Photoshop actions, presets and overlays are now used by some of the best-knows photographers in the world to help edit show-stopping images. The beauty of the user-friendly design means photographers of all levels (from hobbyist to professional) can use these editing tools to transform their images. The video tutorials and guides make it so easy to get started, you can be up and running before your coffee gets cold!

And now? I want to help you get the most out of your editing. Whether you're a beginner or pro, come and join the private LSP Actions Editing Group for Photographers over on Facebook [join group] to connect with thousands of other photographers and advance your editing skills.

Recent Awards, Features & Accolades for LSP Actions by Lemon Sky

Essential Studio 

Lightroom Presets & Brushes

Download this complete Lightroom start-to-finish portrait editing kit for studio photographers.

  • 35 Presets

  • 15 Brushes

  • Video tutorials included

  • Installation Guide included


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Frequently Asked...

Is this compatible with my version of Lightroom or ACR?

Compatible with Lightroom and ACR versions:

  • Creative Cloud

  • Lightroom Classic

  • Lightroom

  • Lightroom Mobile*

  • Lightroom (older)

  • Adobe Camera Raw CC

*Please note: Brushes only compatible with full versions of Lightroom Classic or ACR.

What are Lightroom Presets & Brushes?

Unlike Plug-ins, Extensions or other External Image Editing Softwares, Lightroom Presets are already a built-in feature of LR. Presets help speed up and streamline your editing by applying a set series of editing steps over your image.

Lightroom Presets are saved settings that allow you to apply an edit to your image in one click.

The LSP presets are designed to be mixed 'n matched together for infinite possibilities. The specific blends and mixes of settings use mean you can find the perfect look for you image in just a few clicks, each edit will be unique depending on your tastes and style.

You can use these presets for a complete edit, a part edit or only sometimes - it's up to you! 

Lightroom Brushes are similar to presets but rather than effecting your whole image, you can select a brush and paint it just over a single area (such as face or clouds). Lightroom brushes are currently only able to be used with Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CS4-6 as other versions (such as mobile) do not have the capability of saving a brush preset. You also have a folder containing the brushes for ACR.

If you do not have experience in using Presets, please refer to the LSP online video tutorials. You can also find more information at Adobe's website here.

I'm a beginner, is this suitable for me?

Though this preset pack is designed to the highest professional standards and is indeed used by the pros, beginners find the panel is user-friendly so you can get started right away, wherever you are in your photography journey.

It is important to have a working knowledge of your version of Lightroom or ACR for best results as I cannot walk you through how to use the program. The video tutorials show you how to use these presets and brushes.

What is the refund policy?

Our products are digital downloads. Once you purchase and download a product, you have gained access so it cannot be returned. However, customers may request a refund under the following circumstances:

• If the file is corrupt or faulty you are entitled to a replacement. 


• If within 14 days of purchase, you have any issues at all with your product, please reply to your order confirmation email and describe your issue. We will endeavor to help with your issue(s) and may require further information and co-operation from you during the troubleshooting phase.

• If the product you have purchased still does not work as advertised/described after we have assisted you, and provided you initially contacted us about any issues within 14 days of the order, then we will refund you.

• We can issue a refund without question if you have not yet downloaded your purchased product (this shows at our end) or if you have accidentally purchased the same product more than once. If this applies, email

Read the full refund policy here:

I've been let down by cheaper presets in the past, are these really worth it?

There is a reason LSP Actions was voted "Best Professional Photographic Software" the last four years in a row and are used by some of the world's best photographers to achieve stunning results. To put it simply, LSP Actions work exactly as they say they do. 

We are committed to setting an industry standard for the highest quality Actions and Presets available to you and have help and support available to help you get the very best out of this action set.

Can I enter the images edited with these presets into competitions?

Yes. Many photographers who use the LSP Actions are finding their images are doing better in photography competitions and winning awards. Please do check the individual rules of the competition to make sure you are allowed to use Actions or Presets.

How do I watch the video tutorials?

If I lose the file or my computer crashes, do I have to buy it again?

Once you purchase LSP Actions, you keep it for life. The files are available again to download in your account any time. Any problems, email us at with your purchase information and we will quickly get a replacement out to you for free.

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Essential Studio Presets

Lightroom Presets & Brushes

Download the complete start-to-finish portrait editing kit for studio photographers using Lightroom or ACR.

  • 35 Presets

  • 15 Brushes

  • Video tutorials included

  • Installation Guide included