Photoshop Action editing suite for creative cake smash photographers

Take your cake smash photography to the next level, effortlessly. Edit all cake smash & toddler shots from start to finish and transform your images, for a perfectly polished gallery time and time again.


(Plus $77 worth of bonuses included free)

Designed in English - Will these work in my language?


Compatible with Photoshop Creative Cloud, Elements, CS5 and CS6.

[English Language]


Master high-end cake smash editing in less than half an hour. MP4 video tutorials [English].


Lightroom Presets, String Light Brush, e-Book and more! All included as a bonus gift *limited*


Sent straight to your inbox and available from your account anytime in the future if you need it again. 

Instantly elevate your cake smash galleries to the next level

... and cut your editing time in half

Introducing The

Cake Smash Cutie Editing Workflow

Confidently create adorable cake smash edits (without spending hours learning anything new) so you can elevate your client galleries with a perfectly polished, luxury finish in minutes.

 This complete action panel loads into Photoshop instantly and you can get started right away. This set is so fast to use and sets up all the intelligent editing layers you could ever need, in seconds. This means you can embrace your style and creativity, without spending hours on guesswork or repetitive pushing sliders. Instantly balance your images, clean up without cloning, fix tones, paint in dreamy skin and sharp details, extend and fix backgrounds, change colors and everything else you could possibly think of. So you can glide through your edit, creating the perfect and consistent images you dream of, in record time. 

What's Included?

  • 90 Professional Photoshop Actions in color-coded workflow order. Specifically designed for toddler skin and cake smash editing challenges! Everything you need to retouch skin, balance tones, correct lighting, fix backgrounds, change colors and so much more. 

  • Installation Guide so you can get up and running in seconds.

  • Online Video Tutorial Library 18 tutorials to walk you through every step, even if you're a beginner. Support is also available anytime you need. The Get started video is also included within your download.

  • 3 BONUSES worth $77: String lights brush and action, the Cake Smash Photography eBook Guide PDF and 20 Lightroom & ACR Cake Smash Presets... All included free!

Suitable for Mac/Windows with Adobe Photoshop versions:

  • Creative Cloud

  • CS5 - CS6

  • Elements (PSE) 11+

NOTE: These are in English Language. Not compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop or mobile.

Cake Smash Cutie Editing Workflow


Before & After Image Gallery

What's Inside?

The Cake Smash Cutie Photoshop Action Editing Set contains 90 Photoshop Actions in color-coded editing workflow order. Everything you will ever need for editing cake smashes & toddlers sessions!

15 Instant Image Balancers

Lighting all over the place? White balance looking funky?

No problem. Fix in one click with this section. 


• Fix Underexposed Images

• Fix Overexposed Images

• Lights Up Instant

• Lights Down Instant

• White Balance Fix [Full Photoshop]

• Cool Boost

• Warm Boost

• Fix = Yellow WB

• Fix = Blue WB

• Fix = Purple WB

• Fix = Green WB

• Contrast Savvy Booster

• Calm Contrast

• Shadow Detail Back

• Bring Highlights Down

Multi-Layered Magic Bases

Wave a magic wand over your image for an instantly balanced base you can batch across the whole gallery in a snap.


• Instant Mini Magic Base 

(subtle and Perfect)

• Enchanted Tones Magic Base 


Dreamy Skin Retouch Brushes

Toddlers have darling skin, but you'll want to remove those scratches, grazes, blotches or foody residue around the mouth (not to mention the uneven tones) fast! 



• Light Instant Skin Retouch Brush

• Strong Skin Retouch (blotchy skin)

• Accentuate Face Brighten Brush

• Extra Bright Brush

• Shine & Whites Fix

• Contrast The Face Paint


• Cutie Silky Soft

• Cheekies & Lips (2)

• Define Lashes & Cupids Bow

• Baby Bright Iris (eyes)

• Sharpen Up


• Gentle Red Remover

• Stubborn Reds Be Gone!

• Pacify Sad Red Eyes & Nose

• Orange Nose Wipe

• Yellow Vanish

• Purple Feet Warm n' Lift

• Almond Toner

• Apricot Toner

• Peach Toner

• Mocha Toner

• Skin Tone Genius - pick your own!

23 Color Match Brushes

So. The cake doesn't match your décor. The outfit is the wrong shade and as for the balloons... 🙈 Don't fret. Use this brush section to match your colors right away for a professional, consistent finish.


• Vibrant Color Painter

• Pastel Color Painter

• Color Picker - Choose Your Own!

• Reds > Bolder

• Reds > Oranger

• Cream > Pinker

• Cream > Yellower

• Pinks > Bolder

• Pinks > Peachier

• Orange > Redder

• Orange > Yellower

• Yellow > Whiter

• Yellow > Bolder

• Yellow > Pinker

• Green > Bluer

• Greens > Greener

• Blue > Bluer

• Blue > Greener

• Purple > Pinker

• Purple > Dusty

• Purple > Bluer

Background Fixing Tools

Seamless paper all creased up? Marks on the backdrop? Need to extent the edges? Want to remove distractions in a zip? This set has you covered...



Simply draw a lose selection around the area you want to fix - extend background, fill an area, remove a bad balloon.. and CLICK! DONE!


Play and paint to instantly remove crumbs, crusty bits and more - on skin and the background!


Backdrop looking a little worse for wear? Play this action to instantly smooth and have your paper looking good as new


Want to banish creases without painstaking cloning? Play this action, which harnesses the power of frequency seperation, sample and paint - BOOM!


Add a gentle blur to the background to create a shallow depth of field.


Because nobody wants their whites to look like they've gone through the wash with a pair of old jeans.

Beautiful Overlays

Use these instant 1-click finishers to add that perfect, polished touch to your final image. Batch to add a consistent feel to your whole gallery. 



• Balloon POP - Bold and Colorful

• Film It Gentle

• Happy Birthday - Soft Vintage

• Ice Cream - Pastel Rainbow Spectrum

• Jello Custard

• Lil' Portrait Finish

• Mini Matte

• Moody

• Party Time - Purply Depth

• White Wagon

2 Sumptuous Black & Whites

Want to create perfect black and whites, but don't want to save over the original version? 


Each black and white creates a NEW image version, with editable layers so you can achieve the most stunning black and white, whatever your style. Simply save as a copy.

• B&W Simplicity - play with the layers for a custom result.

• B&W Soft Art - paint on dodge and burn and tweak for a truly soft-yet-sharp fine art finish.

4 Final Tweaks

Done... You sure?

4 instant click final finishers to polish off.


• Sharpen Up All Over (slide opacity)

• Final Contrast Injection

• Gentle Matte

• Mini Vignette (Dark Edges) 

Social & Web Resizers

Say goodbye to facebook frustrations, and never worry about pixelation or muddy looking shots ever again.

These actions create a brand new version of your image, in the perfect format for sharing online. Simply click, add your watermark and save! 

EXTRA: Make your own workflow section!

Placeholder actions and video guide show you exactly how to record and batch your own custom workflow!

This enables you to record your very own workflow, using the actions (and hand editing if you wish!) that you can use again and again for a consistent edit across the whole gallery.

... And that's not all

you also get these extra bonuses

(worth $77.00)

String Lights Brush


Worth $9 

click to read more

Add twinkling string lights to a blurred background easily with this Photoshop abr string lights brush and mini applicator action to create the layers and effects!


Lightroom Presets

Worth $39 

click to read more

These intelligent presets work together to build up your image in a click! Then simply sync over the gallery for a 3 minute edit. 

Compatible with Lightroom and ACR.


  Raw Profile: Portrait

•  Raw Profile: standard

------ BASE EDITING -------

• Base: Breezy

• Base: Gently Does It

• Base: Lemon Sky

• Base: Mini Vintage

• Base: Pop n' Lift

------ TWEAK BALANCE -----

• Highlights & Whites Down

• Lift Shadows

• Matte De-Contrast

• Pop Of Contrast

----- COLOR CORRECT -----

• Calm yellow

• Red Reduce

---------- EXTRA -----------

• Smooth Skin

• Tiny Vignette

Cake Smash eBook

worth $29 - click to read more

This guide contains cake smash photoshoot top tips from over 40 photographers from around the world including Kristen Nicotra and Ana Brandt, so you can nail your smash in camera for faster editing and an amazing client experience.

Cake Smash Cutie Editing Kit

Everything you will ever need for editing cake smashes and child portraits, for a complete start-to-finish workflow! 


Is this editing pack right for me? No matter if you're a hobbyist or pro, Cake Smash Cutie is perfect for you if you are a children's portrait photographer and you want to...

  • Take your image style to the next level right away (without spending years on guesswork).

  • Finish the editing pile fast, so you can get the gallery to your clients ahead of time and relax at night, laptop shut.

  • Enjoy & explore the creative side of your editing, without getting bogged down by time consuming technical details, or the mind numbing mundanity of pushing sliders over and over (the actions set the layers up so you don't have to).

  • Instantly fix/extend backdrops, create flawless dreamy skin, balance the image and match colors in just a few clicks. Batch the same settings across the gallery for a consistent and fast finish of the highest quality.

Latest Customers reviews

Cake Smash Cutie Editing Workflow


How Does It Work?

Behind the user-friendly interface, this high-end action workflow is so powerful, each command intelligently adapts to suit your image. So in a few clicks and tweaks, you can create stunning finishes every time (even if the shoot didn't go to plan, the settings were all wrong or the toddler buried your lens cap in the cake...)

  • 1

    Load Into Photoshop

    Just double click and it's installed, instantly ready to use. Arranged in a colored panel. 

  • 2

    Choose the action & click

    The commands will play out in seconds, leaving you with an easy to use masked layer, up top and independent of the background, so you can open up to tweak further if needed. 

  • 3

    Paint on to reveal

    (As shown in the video). Simply paint where you want the effect to show. It even chooses the correct brush for you! Use time and time again to achieve stunning results, batch over the gallery for consistency!

Frequently Asked...

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop?

These actions are compatible with Photoshop on Mac or Windows:

• Photoshop Creative Cloud (all versions)

• Photoshop CS5-6

• Photoshop Elements PSE 12+

• Get a free trial of Photoshop Creative Cloud here: Get Adobe Creative Cloud

Will this translate to my language?

LSP Actions have been designed in English.

There is no auto-translation of the Photoshop Actions, layers or file names into other languages - these will all be displayed in the English Language.

LSP will work best for you if you have an understanding of the English language. It does not auto-translate.

The tutorial videos are also in English, but if you switch on subtitles [CC] in Youtube, you should hopefully be able to read these in your language.

Read more here

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a series of pre-recorded editing steps that you can "play" over your image using Adobe Photoshop on your computer. It's like watching an invisible editor take over your screen for a fraction of a second, so cool! 

I have designed every step of the action commands to adapt to your image. unlike some other actions or presets that leave little room for flexibility, LSP Actions are non-destructive to your background layer and the open layers included mean you can tweak, reverse engineer and adapt if you like to suit your tastes even further.

I'm a beginner, is this suitable for me?

Absolutely! Though these actions have been designed to the highest professional standards and are indeed used by the pros, beginners find the panel is so user-friendly you can get started right away, wherever you are in your photography journey.

What is the refund policy?

Please note, this is a digital download. Once you purchase, you own and keep it for life so it cannot be returned... but equally, I'm not a monster. So. 

If within 14 days of purchase, you don't love this set or have any issues at all, just reply to your order confirmation email so we can help you out. If you can send screen shots or a shot video to show any issue you might have, this will be super helpful and means we can help faster and make sure you get the very best out of this collection. 

AND, if you still don't love these actions after we have assisted you and you initially contacted within 14 days of order, then of course, we will refund you. Our customer happiness is the most important thing to us :-)

At LSP Actions, we pride ourselves on over 20,000 ecstatic customers, which has landed us number 1 worldwide for the "Best Professional Photographic Software" award the last 4 years in a row and placed top for customer service world-wide! We have never been asked for a refund on the basis the product wasn't suitable or as described. I hope this reassures you. 

How do I watch the video tutorials?

If I lose the file or my computer crashes, do I have to buy it again?

Once you purchase LSP Actions, you keep it for life! The files are available again to download in your account any time. Any problems, email us at and we will quickly get a replacement out to you for free.

I already use another action pack for editing cake smash (for example, newborn actions). How is this different?

Over a year in the making, this photoshop action kit is designed especially for the most perfect editing of toddler and cake smash sessions. 

This set is independent of the LSP Newborn or Portrait Photoshop Actions and is designed meticulously for the specific challenges and joys presented with a toddler photo shoot.

If you already own other LSP Actions, such as the Signature Newborn, you may notice that some of the action titles are a little similar. BUT no retouch actions are duplicated. There are only so many ways one can say "brighten up face" without becoming confusing! But the actual commands and settings differ within and are crafted to best suit toddler skin.

Though at a glance, you wouldn't think skin editing should be too different between newborn babies and toddlers, but the seasoned pros will tell you otherwise!

The heavy reds, deep jaundice and purples of a newborn are not seen in a baby 6m+. The tonal variety needed for high end and perfect editing of a toddler is somewhat different. Newborn toning actions can be heavy handed and appear green/yellow or gray on a toddler's delicate skin.

Not to mention the skin texture is entirely different: Newborns tend to have small scratches, milia (the little white bumps over the nose), neonatal cephalic pustulosis (baby acne - spots) and flaking skin of varying degrees over the wrists, ankles and body. One year olds and toddlers generally do not present with any of these typical newborn skin challenges, in fact most have beautiful translucent skin, but they do come with their own specific set of issues that needs to take a different editing approach in comparison with newborns or adults, for the best quality results.

Toddlers can have little bumps and grazes as they get mobile, orange noses from baby food, dry red patches over the skin. Eyes and noses can be a very specific red from some pre-session tears or teething. Skin can look blotchy and feather-mottled, especially over the arms and legs. Delicate toddler skin tones are a totally different tonal depth to newborn or adult skin, which you may have noticed already when editing.


This set contains everything you will need when it comes to cake smash editing. From color matching the cake and decor, to fixing rumpled seamless backgrounds, to fairy lights, cake smash finishers, seperate black and whites, a batch editing section and SOOOO much more!


When editing newborn use the Signature Newborn Photoshop Actions and use this Cake Smash Cute Photoshop Action Set for editing cake smash, first birthday, and toddler photo sessions for the best, most accurate and highest quality results. For Adults, use the LSP Portrait & Studio Vogue.

I've been let down by cheaper actions in the past, are these really worth it?

There is a reason LSP Actions was voted "Best Professional Photographic Software" the last four years in a row and is used by some of the world's best photographers to achieve stunning results. To put it simply, LSP Actions work. On all images. Exactly as they say they do. 

We are committed to setting an industry standard for the highest quality Actions and Presets available to you and have help and support available to help you get the very best out of this action set.

Can I enter the images edited with LSP Actions into competitions?

Yes! Many photographers who use the LSP Actions are finding their images are doing better in photography competitions and winning awards/

I don't shoot cake smash very often, is it worth me getting the Cake Smash Cutie Photoshop Actions?

This amazing email review from Jennifer says it better than I could:

"I was mainly a wedding photographer, but noticed after a while my couples were contacting me about newborn shoots so I started to offer these. The newborns grew and eventually I found myself offering the occasional smash and fell in love with this type of studio sessions! I was never happy with the final result though it felt like my images were flat and dull compared to the pop in my wedding galleries, this stopped me advertising cake smashes on facebook. 

I saw the LSP cake smash set and when I finally got it, I tested it out on old galleries and OMG this is what my photos were missing! I wish I'd bought it sooner! Fast forward a few months and I am booked out every week for cake smash n' splash shoots! My clients love my style and I get enquiries every time I share my edited photos online! Thank you SO much!! 
— Jennifer T (photographer and customer)

You can connect with lots of different photographers, all with their own story here in the LSP Actions Editing Group on Facebook.

Cake Smash Cutie Editing Workflow


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