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Newborn Photoshop Actions for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 PSE 14-19


Use on Mac or PC with Photoshop Creative Cloud | CS5 - CS6 | PSE 14+

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Effortlessly change ANY colors in Photoshop with this action set

This highly versatile set includes colors for bold results, earth tones and for whites bundled into a single action set for ease of use. Download the LSP Color Palette Photoshop Action Collection today and make rainbows forever more!

The LSP Color Palette Collection contains over 90 intelligent, easy to use 1-click Photoshop actions. This set adapts and adds colors to your image for you to paint on, without changing the texture or shadows. This is so much faster, high resolution and more fluent than trying to change colors using the Hue and Saturation sliders (which can leave jagged pixel edges, not cool). 


All you need to do is click, play and paint where desired. You can adapt the strength, shade and tone to perfectly fit your image in just a few simple clicks. The colors in this collection are infinite! All totally adaptable to your vision and you can also manually choose a color to match from your image. 


"This edit is using LSP Color Palette - I chose purple flower. I just brush over and it keeps the texture, I can change the opacity because it's a layer... LSP to the rescue!"

- Ana Brandt

Celebrity Newborn Photographer in California | World renowned educator and industry leader at Baby Belly School |  Founder of the Baby Belly Beyond Conference | Designer of maternity couture at

What's Included?

Newborn Photoshop Actions for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 PSE 14-19


The LSP Color Palette Photoshop Action Collection contains A spectrum of Color change actions including a MANUAL action to choose your own and also a mix n match set: This highly versatile Photoshop Action set is arranged in user friendly sections for Bold, Earthy and White color changes. Go anywhere from Coral Reef and Purple Flower to Grey Dove and Sandstone for a truly unique action set that does EXACTLY what it says 


"YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE. I am obsessed with the LSP Actions color palette and recommend them to all my students: Obsessed!!!"

- Natasha Ince

Natasha is one of the UK's most well known Maternity photographers and trainers... [read more]



What do I need to use this?

You need desktop Photoshop to run the LSP Color Palette Collection.

I always recommend Photoshop Creative Cloud in English (you need a Background layer), but this set is also compatible with:

Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC)

Photoshop CS5 - CS6

Photoshop Elements (PSE) 14-Current

Suitable for both MAC and PC


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Video Tutorials

Full Tutorial - How to use the LSP Color Palette

Using the Color Palette Actions by Ana Brandt

Changing Nail Color - Subtle Changes by Ana Brandt
Dress Color Change - by Ana Brandt

Dress and Fabric by MJ Biasi

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