The Floor Fade Mini Action for Photoshop

A cute little action that is perfection when it comes to fading the floor/wall join or painting lightly over beanbag fabric. Also excellent for painting over seamless background paper, adding a light wash or adding a matted effect to the background. 

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"Wanted to be able to do this for so long!! thank you Lauren! You are a little star!"

Steph Alsop


• LSP Floor Fade
- Message: Step By Step instructions
- Colour Picker Box
- Main Floor Fade Layer (Use white brush to paint it on)
- Darken the fade layer (use low opacity white brush to paint over shadows)

- Lighten the fade layer (use low opacity white brush to paint over highlights)



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  1. Play The fade Action. You will get a box asking you to choose your colour. For best results, select a tone as close to your subject's head/hair line as possible and make sure you pick the "Goldilocks" colour of your image: Not too dark, not too light but just right
  2. The Action will play out.
  3. Using a Soft, white low opacity brush paint directly onto the black layer mask of the floor Fade layer to reveal the fade. Paint over the join of the background, use to even tones, or paint onto the beanbag fabric behind baby's head.
  4. You have optional lighten/darken layers to paint onto your fade if needed.



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