Christmas Magic Photoshop Actions

Add Magic to your christmas shots with this magical photoshop action collection


Wow your clients this holiday season with this magical editing set designed for turning your normal images into magical masterpieces with a warm, glowing holiday card vibe


(Plus $100 worth of bonuses included free)

Designed in English - Will these work in my language?


60 Photoshop Editing Actions in workflow color-coded order



Magic trails, glows, lantern lights, fire flames and more FREE (worth $60)


50 Lightroom Presets for Lightroom and ACR FREE (worth $40)


Complete start-to-finish online video tutorials included. (English - MP4) 

Create Irresistible Christmas Galleries In no Time

With our Bumper Christmas Editing Bundle

Introducing The

Christmas Magic Editing Workflow & Bonuses

"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring... apart from the photographer who still had Christmas minis to edit 🫣😵‍💫" 

What if bringing all the magic, wonder and warmth of Christmas to your galleries didn’t come at the cost of endless editing marathons that leave you stressed and keep you away from your family?

Make this Christmas season the BEST ever with our Christmas Magic Photoshop Actions Editing Bundle. Every single action has been meticulously designed to help you weave festive enchantment into your holiday shots.

These Photoshop Actions are accompanied by a treasure trove of magical bonus features, including Lightroom Presets and beautiful Overlays. So whether you have one special image to edit, or a marathon of Christmas Minis ahead of you - this bundle is for you!

Ready to load Christmas magic into your Photoshop?


Before & After Images


[Image Credit: Libby Edwards Photography]


[Image Credit: Perfect Portraits Photography]


[Image Credit: Slinky Photography]


[Image Credit: Slinky Photography]


[Image Credit: Dinky Dots Photography]

What's Included?

  • 60 PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS in color-coded workflow order. Specifically designed for your Christmas galleries, so you can turn your photos into heirloom holiday pieces for your clients to treasure!

  • INSTALLATION HELP so you can get up and running in the time it takes to pour yourself a mulled wine.

  • ONLINE VIDEO TUTORIAL LIBRARY 10 video tutorials to watch any time online. Step-by-step guides to editing these warm wonderlands (whether you're a beginner or a pro). 

  • EXTRA BONUSES worth $100: The Christmas Mini Lightroom & ACR Presets | The LR Glow Brush | 20 Magic Glittering Trail Overlays | 20 Gorgeous Glowing Overlays -  All included free with these Photoshop Actions and not available to purchase anywhere else!

Suitable for Mac/Windows with Adobe Photoshop Versions:

  • Creative Cloud

  • CS5 - CS6

  • Elements (PSE) 11+

Works best with Creative Cloud. Not compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop or mobile.

Christmas Magic Editing Bundle


* String Lights, Tree Lights and all other LSP Actions Christmas Editing tools are sold separately*


[Image Credit: Captured Moments By Madi Photography]

How Does It Work?

Behind the user-friendly interface, this high-end action workflow is so powerful, each command intelligently adapts to suit your image. So in a few clicks and tweaks, you can create stunning magical finishes every time (even if the shoot didn't go to plan, the settings were all wrong or the toddler pulled Santa's beard...)

  • 1

    Load Into Photoshop

    Just double click and it's installed, instantly ready to use. Arranged in a colored panel. 

  • 2

    Choose the action & play

    The commands will play out in seconds, leaving you with an easy to use masked layer, up top and independent of the background, so you can open up to tweak further if needed. 

  • 3

    Paint on to reveal

    (As shown in the video). Simply paint where you want the effect to show. It even chooses the correct brush for you. Use time and time again to achieve stunning magical results. You can also batch over the gallery for consistency!

Before & After Images


[Image Credit: Libby Edwards Photography]


[Image Credit: Perfect Portraits Photography]


[Image Credit: Slinky Photography]


[Image Credit: Slinky Photography]


[Image Credit: Dinky Dots Photography]

What's Inside?

Everything you will ever need to unlock the festive magic on all images this festive season, right at your fingertips. Just a click and all the layers you could ever need are created for you. 

Santa's Workbench

15 One-Click Layers

Lighting all over the place? White balance looking funky? Want to achieve that instant histogram with a touch of Christmas warmth? No problem. Fix in one click with this section. 

• On The Roof balancer

• Mini Sleigh Ride Balancer

• Melted Ice Balancer

• Warm & even Balancer

• Teeny Tree Farm Balancer

• Lights Up

• Lights Off

• Calm The Contrast

• Flash Of Contrast

• Bright morning lift

• Deep Eve Darken

• Fetch the cooler

• Shadow Saver

• Highlight Saver

Batch Of Cookies

Save & Automate Your Own Workflows

Have you ever wanted to batch a workflow of layers over all the images in one go? This action sets it all up for you and the video tutorial will walk you through step-by-step.

• Use this area to create your very own batch workflows. Video instructions included in the library

Skin Care Stocking Filler Brushes

15 Brush-On Layers

From cleaning up the skin to a soft face mask. Twinkling Iris, sharp details, softy skin and buttery foundations, these brush-on layers have you covered so you can create a fast and gorgeous skin edit in seconds. 

• Lights Up Face Brush

• Dark Night Brush-On

• Candy Contraster Brush

• Exfoliate Skin Clean Up

• Face Mask Softy Brush

• Trinkling Iris brush

• Sharp Eyes & Details Brush

• Lash & Brow Standout

• Rosy Lips 'n Blush

• Teeth & beard whitening

• Foundation: Sunkissed

• Foundation buttery

• foundation: arora cream

• Foundation: december dark

<< play all >>

Kringle Color Brushes

12 Brush-On Layers

Get those Festive, tailored tones right away. You can remove color casts (such as reds, orange and yellow) and also boost the Christmas reds, blues and greens for a holiday card finish 

• Reds: rouge riddance 

• reds: deep & plush

• reds: rudolph bright

• orange: tangerine tamer

• yellow: canary calm

• green: suede shoes

• green: spruce

• blue: festive crisp

• blue: deep midnight

• purple: perish Purple

• White: Snow White

• White: white knight rescue

Festive Fix-It

Extend backgrounds & remove distractions

Ever seen Generative fill as an action? Well, now you have this at your fingertips if you're on Creative Cloud (without the faffing). You also have content aware and clone stamp setup.

• Play first: Set up fix layer

• fix with content aware

• fix with generative fill 

• fix with cloning / manually

Creative Cloud Cleverness

Edit the entire background in one click

Want to darken, lift or blur the background? This action does it in a snap if you're using the latest Creative Cloud.

• darken background in a click

• light & lighten background

• blizzard background blurrer

A Sprinkle Of Magic

Gorgeous glows and magic trails? Yes please!

Want to paint on a glow? Or how about adding a magic book light overlay? Maybe even a real candle flame flicker? Even a magic glittery trail - this section has it all.

• Paint On a glow brush #1

• paint on a glow brush #2

• apply one of the 30 bonus magic overlays

-- click to deepen overlay

-- click to whiten overlay

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Beautiful Finishing Washes with infinite combinations

Ah, the prettiest tool in your editing kit. The Night Before Christmas Section contains 12 perfect finishers to polish off your whimsical Chrismas edit. You'll find all Santa's Reindeer named here, from Dasher's Darling Finishing Wash, right through to Blitzen's Breezy Wash. The Perfect end to a perfect edit. 

• letters to santa

• dasher darling

• dancer downtown

• prancer pudding

• vixen vision

• comet mini contrast kick

• cupid cute

• donner deep n' blue

• blitzen breeze

• mount to the sky

• sooty edges

<< play all >>

... And that's not all

You also get these extra Free bonuses worth $100

50 Mini Magic Presets

Worth $40 

click to read more

50 Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets in clever mix 'n match sections plus an awesome glow brush add-on. 

Whether you occasionally swing over to Lightroom or Camera Raw, or maybe you complete a full edit there,  these presets are your best pals. They are designed to go hand-in-hand with the Photoshop actions, making your workflow seamless.

20 Magic Trail Twinkle Overlays

Worth $30 

click to read more

20 Magic Sparkling Trails. The actions included allow you to add these in a snap, with no tricky masking required. 

Add a touch of Christmas Magic to all your images (works best on darker backgrounds)

20 Magic Glow Overlays

Worth $30 

click to read more

Your Christmas Editing Glow-Up. 20 glows from magic book, to lantern light, to fire flames and more!

The actions allow you to add and move the glows anywhere you want in your image. The perfect companion to your editing marathons.

(String Lights, Tree Bokeh, and Snow globes are all available separately)

Christmas Magic Editing Collection

Everything you will ever need for all your Christmas images this year, for a complete start-to-finish MAGICAL workflow! 


Software Compatibility


(CS2 - CS6)

Creative Cloud

(Photoshop CC)


(PSE 14+)

Can Be Used on Mac and Windows

Customer Reviews

Recent Awards & Features for LSP Actions by Lemon Sky

Meet The Creator

Hi I'm Lauren. A professional rock bassist turned internationally award-winning photographer and editing tutor (plus a mother of four spirited young kids).

As a portait photographer and designer over at Lemon Sky Photography in England, I developed and launched the LSP Actions suite of editing tools for busy photographers who know they need to crank up the "WOW factor" of their photography and speed up the turnaround for client galleries — but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to their images. The suite of Photoshop actions, presets and overlays are now used by some of the best-known photographers in the world to help edit show-stopping images.

All LSP Actions are user-tested on images by other photographers before release, to guarantee they work for all kinds of images. Special thanks to all photographers who submitted their images for testing this HUGE Magical Christmas Set. Extra special thanks to the photographers whose images are featured on this page: Ana Brandt, Amy at Slinky Photography, Kat at Dinky Dots Photography, Perfect Portraits Photography, Henrieta Gomes Photography, Libby Edwards Photography, Smile Photography by Patryja, Mandi goodwin at Captured Moments, Sarah Bartleet Photography, Penny Carola Photography, Carla Tier, Brooke at The Shutterheads, Bonita Jade Photography, Marietta Photography. You can find their links below. Such fabulous and gorgeous Christmas Mini Photos! 

Frequently Asked...

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop?

These actions are compatible with Photoshop on Mac or Windows:

• Photoshop Creative Cloud (best choice)

• Photoshop CS5-6

• Photoshop Elements PSE 12+

The Lightroom Presets are best used with newer versions of Lightroom and Camera Raw.

• Get a free trial of Photoshop Creative Cloud here: Get Adobe Creative Cloud

Will these work in my language?

LSP Actions have been designed in English.

There is no auto-translation of the Photoshop Actions, layers or file names into other languages - these will all be displayed in the English Language.

LSP will work best for you if you have an understanding of the English language. It does not auto-translate.

The tutorial videos are also in English, but if you switch on subtitles [CC] in Youtube, you should hopefully be able to read these in your language.

Read more here

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a series of pre-recorded editing steps that you can "play" over your image using Adobe Photoshop on your computer. It's like watching an invisible editor take over your screen for a fraction of a second, so cool! 

I have designed every step of the action commands to adapt to your image. unlike some other actions or presets that leave little room for flexibility, LSP Actions are non-destructive to your background layer and the open layers included mean you can tweak, reverse engineer and adapt if you like to suit your tastes even further.

I'm a beginner, is this suitable for me?

Absolutely! Though these actions have been designed to the highest professional standards and are indeed used by the pros, beginners find the panel is so user-friendly you can get started right away, wherever you are in your photography journey.

What is the refund policy?

Please note, this is a digital download. Once you purchase, you own and keep it for life so it cannot be returned... but equally, I'm not a monster. So. 

If within 14 days of purchase, you don't love this set or have any issues at all, just reply to your order confirmation email so we can help you out. If you can send screen shots or a shot video to show any issue you might have, this will be super helpful and means we can help faster and make sure you get the very best out of this collection. 

AND, if you still don't love these actions after we have assisted you and you initially contacted within 14 days of order, then of course, we will refund you. Our customer happiness is the most important thing to us :-)

At LSP Actions, we pride ourselves on over 20,000 ecstatic customers, which has landed us number 1 worldwide for the "Best Professional Photographic Software" award the last 4 years in a row and placed top for customer service world-wide! We have never been asked for a refund on the basis the product wasn't suitable or as described. I hope this reassures you. 

How do I watch the video tutorials?

Does this action pack include string lights? Or can I buy parts of this bundle separately?

Everything included in this huge Christmas Magic Bundle is only available as part of this bundle and not sold separately as stand-alones.

Other products at LSP, such as String Lights, Tree Lights, Snow Globes etc, are all sold separately and aren't a feature of this bundle.

If I lose the file or my computer crashes, do I have to buy it again?

Once you purchase LSP Actions, you keep it for life! The files are available again to download in your account any time. Any problems, email us at and we will quickly get a replacement out to you for free.

I've been let down by cheaper actions in the past, are these really worth it?

There is a reason LSP Actions was voted "Best Professional Photographic Software" the last four years in a row and is used by some of the world's best photographers to achieve stunning results. To put it simply, LSP Actions work. On all images. Exactly as they say they do. 

We are committed to setting an industry standard for the highest quality Actions and Presets available to you and have help and support available to help you get the very best out of this action set.

Can I enter the images edited with LSP Actions into competitions?

Yes! Many photographers who use the LSP Actions are finding their images are doing better in photography competitions and winning awards/

A Special Thank You 

To All Credited Photographers 

ALL new sets at LSP Actions are users tested on other photographer's images, to ensure they will work for you. Creating This Set Wouldn't Have Been Possible Without the amazing photographers sending in their images:

Christmas Magic Editing Collection

Everything you will ever need for all your Christmas images this year, for a complete start-to-finish MAGICAL workflow! 


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