Overlay Applicator & Composite Kit Photoshop Actions

Video Tutorial Library

You can watch all 6 video tutorials below. I recommend watching video 1 for correct setup first.

Do make sure you know your version of Photoshop so you can watch the correct video tutorials.

Video Tutorial 1 - WATCH THIS FIRST! How to install and setup for easy running 


Video Tutorial 2 - How to add texture and floral background overlays in Photoshop. Examples include textures and florals on mid tone, white and dark backgrounds. 


Video Tutorial 3 - How to use add a glitter overlay using the actions


Video Tutorial 4 - How to add a sky overlay to a blown out white sky


Video Tutorial 5 - How to add a shadow overlay in Photoshop


Video Tutorial 6 - How to add and composite your subject into any digital background


Photoshop actions for applying overlays and compositing. Includes 8 bonus overlays.