The Sentimental Storyteller 

Complete Dreamy editing bundle for creative Storytelling photographers

Everything you will ever need to breathe a warm, authentic glow into your storytelling images using Photoshop & Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC)

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Designed in English - Will these work in my language?


The Sentimental Storyteller "Light Chronicles" 95 Photoshop actions compatible with Photoshop Creative Cloud.

[in English Language]


Lightroom Presets, Texture Overlays, Bubble Overlays, Dust Particles and full e-book to "shooting sentimental storytelling photography" PDF


Master high-end cake smash editing in less than half an hour. MP4 video tutorials [English].


Sent straight to your inbox and available from your account anytime in the future if you need it again. 

Breathe warm and whimsical life into your storytelling Photography

(because pressing the shutter is only the beginning)

Introducing The

Sentimental Storyteller Editing Collection

The quintessential dreamy editing bundle for creative photographers using Photoshop so you can transform your images with emotive, dreamy finishes.

Easily transform your candid home captures into breath-taking portraits

With this simple, straightforward editing system so you can start creating these dreamy, warm portraits (even if you're not a Photoshop expert) right away and every single time. 

Loads up fast and sets up all the intelligent editing layers you could ever need, in seconds, so you can get started right away.

User friendly and takes care of the tech, leaving you free to embrace your style and creativity, without spending hours on guesswork or repetitive pushing sliders.

Includes Instant Actions, Presets and Overlays for creamy skin, blurred background, light beams, rich warm textures, attention-grabbing contrast and more, so you can transform any image into an emotive, dreamy portrait.


Suitable for Mac or Windows with Adobe Creative Cloud only (not for old versions of Photoshop).

  • Mac / Windows

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Not compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop or Lightroom because this set makes use of all the new features.

Before & After Image Gallery

Why Photographers love the Sentimental Storyteller Bundle

Leave all the rules at the door and do justice to the true beauty of the moment with this one of a kind post production process. This editing set takes all the boring sterile, technicality away from hand-editing, so you can stay in your free vibe and let the creativity pour into your image without worrying how to do something in Photoshop or spending weeks learning anything new. Instant download and video tutorials so you can get started creating the fine art storytelling images you dream of in minutes.

You can use these actions, presets and overlays to transform your image into an unforgettable, scroll stopping living portrait that draws the viewer in to the narrative and is guaranteed to catch the attention! Versatile for professionals and intuitive for beginners - all you need is Photoshop Creative Cloud on Mac or Windows to get started.

The Sentimental Storyteller

Complete editing & tutorial bundle for photographers who want to edit warm, fine art gorgeous narrative images.

£383.00£190.00( save 50%)

What's Inside The Collection?

Every creative editing tools you'll ever need to breathe a warm, authentic glow into your storytelling images using Photoshop & Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC).

The Sentimental Storyteller Light Chronicles Photoshop Actions


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95 Professional Photoshop Actions in color-coded workflow order. The Light Chronicles Photoshop Action set contains every editing step you will ever need to create whimsical, emotive storytelling art pieces, so you can leave all the rules at the door and let your heart lead the way. [read more]



Complete Storytelling Editing Suite For Photoshop Creative Cloud (will not function in earlier versions of Photoshop).

Forget those quick “less is more” retouches, and discover a whole new love for your creative post-production routine. It's finally time to fall in love with your images. The Light Chronicles Action Set allows you to take your images to stunning new heights with warm storytelling edits & support from start to finish.

The Light Chronicles Photoshop Action set contains every editing step you will ever need to create whimsical, emotive storytelling art pieces. Leave all the rules at the door and let your heart lead the way. 

User tested to work on all images. 

• Raw or jpeg, they will work just as beautifully.

• Non-destructive to your original image.

• Mix, match and experiment.

• Open, editable layers for further customization.

• Versatile and adaptable for professionals.

• Easy and intuitive  to use for beginners. 

This high end action set takes all the boring sterile, technicality away from the hand editing process. You can stay in your free-flowing vibe (without worrying how to do something in Photoshop or spending weeks learning anything new) and let the creativity pour into your image without technical distraction. 

What's inside?


    Everything you need to save, snapshot and fix in one place.

• Snapshot 
• Flatten 
• Make A Duplicate Image 
• Save A Copy 
• Clean Up Unused Layers 
• Select & Fix Bonus 
• Create A New Merged Layer 
• All In One Flatten, Snapshot And Save 


    Balance and prepare your image for a gorgeous edit

• Shadow Rescue 
• Contrast Hit 
• Exposure Down All Over 
• Exposure Lift All Over 
• Slight Matte Contrast 
• Bring Back Highlights 
• Warm Filter 
• Yellows Down 
> Play Them All As A Multi-Layer Base 


    Draw attention, brush in the light and deepen shadows.

• Draw Attention Brush Lite 
• Draw Attention Brush Extra 
• Softly Darken Brush 
• Darken More Brush 
• Softly Brighten Brush 
• Brighten More Brush 
• Highlights Down Brush 
• Contrast Brush 
• Sharp Brush 
• Soft Brush 
> Play Them All As A Multi-Layer Base 


    Create a stunningly soft blur with this guided action.

• Divine Blur – Simple 
• Divine Blur Big: 
- Your Subject Selection
- Soft Background Blur 
- Extra Painterly Blur 
- Foreground Blur 
- Contrast The Blur 
- Matte The Blur 
- Darken The Blur 
- Lighten The Blur 
- Color The Blur


    Creamy soft portrait skin with a dewy glow & sharp details.  

• Painterly Silk Skin Brush 
• Sharp Details Brush 
• Bright Eyes Brush 
• 3D Contrast Brush 
• Delectable Sharpen Brush 
• Brighten Up Face Brush 
• Darken Brush 
• Calm The Skin Tones Brush 
> Play Them All As A Multi-Layer Base 


    That rich signature toning, in just one click to create a truly dreamy, unique finish.

• Brown Sugar 
• Burnished Glow 
• Comfort 
• Contrastly 
• Extra Warm Evening 
• Haze For Days 
• Have Faith 
• Lavender Me 
• Nut Butter 
• Pickles & The Pup 
• Radiance 
• Rustic Toner 
• The Nook 
• This Moment 
• Vanilla Cream  
• Warm Cuddles 
• We Lost The Light 
> MIX 'N MATCH - play them all


    Swoon-worthy sunbeams, background haze, textures, bubbles and portrait enhancements and more.

• Light Haze 
• Lens Flare 
• Background Painter 
• Sunbeams 
• Extra Blur 
• Darken Edges 
• Paint Noise Over Banding 
• Add A Dust Overlay 
• Add A Texture 
• Add A Bubble 


    Complete your sentimental portrait with a variety of polished finishing touches  

• Neutralize Tones 
• Sweet Soft Sharpen 
• Painterly Contrast Boost 
• Strong Contrast 
• A Touch Of Contrast 
• Matte Bumper 
• Mini Matte 
• One Last Warm 
• Cooling Hit 
• Brighten Paint 
• Rescue Darks Paint 
• Lift Shadows Paint 
• Darken Paint 
• Tone Down Highlights Paint 
• Calm The Yellow Paint 
• Tone The Red Paint 

Cherished Dreams Preset Pack


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100 Lightroom & ACR Presets arranged as a complete Lightroom edit, so you can create warm and surreal storytelling imagery in literally seconds with a handful of clicks. Use as a stand-alone or mix & match with your own hand editing. [read more]

The Cherished Dreams Lightroom Preset Pack contains easily editable, mix 'n match style presets that are are completely customizable for a truly unique edit

Simply import into Lightroom, click a few times and you'll have yourself a dreamy, warm ethereal edit in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.

Pair with the Lucid Brushes in Lightroom Classic (CC) for a gorgeous, simple, start-to-finish edit that allows your creativity to flow.

What's inside?


    One click to change everything. You can tweak further in the develop panel for a truly unique-to-you edit to sync across the gallery. 

1-click image enhance: 
• Balanced 
• Calmly 
• Chronicle 
• Clean Slate 
• Dream 
• Dungarees 
• Enhance 
• Faith 
• Flick 
• Fruit Pastel 
• Gentle 
• Heartbeat 
• Hopscotch 
• Hygge 
• Latte 
• My Tweak 
• Paint Me 
• Pickle 
• Seabreeze 
• Signature 
• Snugbug 
• Splash 
• Subdued 
• Tarnished 
• Time 
• Treasure 
• Velveteen 
• Walnut 
• Wonderlust 
• Woodstock 
• You and I


    Quickly scroll through to perfect and define the preset in seconds 

Perfect The Light 
• Lights +1 
• Lights +2 
• Lights +3 
• Lights +4 
• Lights 0 (reset) 
• Lights -1 
• Lights -2 
• Lights -3 
• Lights -4 

White Balance Tweak 
• Automatic 
• Cool 'N Calm 
• Evening glow 
• Midday 
• Pop 
• Soft warm 
• Sundown 
• Yours (reset) 

Little Tweaks
• Blacks +1 
• Blacks +2 
• Blacks +3 
• Blacks -1 
• Blacks -2 
• Blacks -3 
• Blacks Reset 
• Contrast +1 
• Contrast +2 
• Contrast +3 
• Contrast +4 
• Contrast +5 
• Contrast +6 
• Contrast Reset Little Tweaks #2 
• Highlights +1 
• Highlights +2 
• Highlights +3 
• Highlights -1 
• Highlights -2 
• Highlights -3 
• Highlights Reset 
• Matte 1 
• Matte 2 
• Matte 3 
• Matte Reset 
• Vignette 1 
• Vignette 2 
• Vignette 3 
• Vignette 4 
• Vignette 5 
• Vignette 6


    Add an extra element of powerful editing on top with these finishing radial filters. Open the filter to edit and tweak further

• Hope 
• I Know You 
• Looking Glass 
• Love 
• Narrative 
• Sleepy 
• Soft Towel 
• Swaddle 
• Totally Warm 
• Reset The Filter

Lucid Lightroom Mask Brushes


£{{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="GBP">£45.00£40.00

15 Specialist Lightroom Masking & Adjustment Brushes to paint rich tones, softness, edit skin, bring attention where it matters and portrait sharpness - in Lightroom. [read more]

Simply follow the instructions (included) to import the brush files into Lightroom's local adjustment folder and you will be able to use anytime you like in Lightroom Classic.

Click the mask icon, choose the brush you'd like to use and softly stroke over your image. Each brush is customizable should you wish and can me tweaked as much as you like!

What's inside?

• Calm The Tones 
• Contrast Boost 
• Lift & Light 
• Lift Shadows + Save Highlights 
• Dark Deep 
• Divine Blur 
• Heavenly Glow 
• Rustic Orange Glow 
• Hazy Color Change 
• Portrait Softness 
• Clarity & Attention 
• Enhance Iris 
• Sharp Twist 
• Warm touch 
• Cool It

The Narrative Texture Overlays


£{{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="GBP">£25.00£20.00

5 Fine-Art Textures for adding a rich, tangible finish that perfectly compliments your storytelling imagery. The actions included apply and blend the texture of your choice as a separate layer... So gorgeous, it give your image that 3D feel you could just "reach out and touch". [read more]

What's inside?

• Texture: Narrate 
• Texture: Fiction
• Texture: Illustrate
• Texture: Simple Grain
• Texture: Yearn

Real Bubble Overlays


£{{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="GBP">£11.00£10.00

5 Bubble Overlays This mini sampler includes 5 individual real bubbles you can add in to your image. Compatible with all versions of Photoshop. [read more]

What's inside?

Each bubble is a high res PNG file with a black background. You just need to drop the bubble into your image and change the blend mode to screen - follow the video to see how easy it is!

Floating Dust Particle Overlays


£{{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="GBP">£11.00£10.00

5 Shimmering Dust Particle Overlays Let the dust shimmer in the light. Delicate particle overlays to drag and drop into your Photoshop edit. [read more]

What's inside?

Each delicate dust overlay is so finely detailed, you may want to zoom in to see the tiny floating particles. 

Each dust layer is a high resolution Jpeg file with a black background. You just need to drop the dust into your image and change the blend mode to screen - or use the complimentary action to do it all for you.

Creating Dreamy Portraits EBook


£{{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="GBP">£48.00£47.00

37 Page PDF E-Book. Packed with tips, styling and shooting hints. Plus editing recipe guides for achieving this style. [read more]

What's inside?

Download this exclusive PDF Magazine which includes hints and tips for shooting dreamy, narrative portraits (even if you're a hobbyist). A breakdown of each featured shot, on this page including camera and lighting settings. Editing recipes, tips, tricks and shooting advice for capturing your own storytelling images around the home... and more!

The Sentimental Storyteller Complete Photographic Editing Kit

Everything you will ever need to breathe a warm, authentic glow into your storytelling images using Photoshop & Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC)

£383.00£190.00( save 50%)

Meet the creator

Hi, I'm Lauren.

In addition to being an international award-winning newborn and portrait photographer, I’m also known for being an over-achieving, Photoshop obsessed (cheese-addicted, geeky, over emotional, dog loving) mother of four. 

This huge action, preset and overlay collection contains my own personal editing steps used to create these sentimental storytelling portraits, wrapped up in a versatile, intuitive download. Everything here is user-tested to work on all images. It’s no matter if you shoot raw or jpeg, they will work just as beautifully. My goal when creating these tools was to help other photographers—both amateur and professional—feel confident in their work while saving them the immense hassle of editing from scratch, second guessing and starting over. Sounds too good to be true? Just ask any of the 14,000 users worldwide or, check out a few of our latest awards... 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop and Lightroom?

These actions are compatible with Photoshop on Mac or Windows:

• Photoshop Creative Cloud (all versions)

(The Sentimental Storyteller Editing Collection is not compatible with Photoshop Elements or older stand-alone versions of Photoshop. Not compatible with tablet or mobile devices).

Get a free trial of Photoshop Creative Cloud here: Get Adobe Creative Cloud

The Bonus Presets are compatible with Lightroom and ACR versions:

  • Creative Cloud

  • Lightroom Classic

  • Lightroom

  • Lightroom Mobile*

  • Lightroom (older)

  • Adobe Camera Raw CC

*Please note: Brushes only compatible with full versions of Lightroom Classic or ACR.

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a series of pre-recorded editing steps that you can "play" over your image using Adobe Photoshop on your computer. It's like watching an invisible editor take over your screen for a fraction of a second to set up all the layers you need.

You need your Photoshop Action panel and layers panel open.

I have designed every step of the action commands to adapt to your image. LSP Actions leave 100% room for flexibility and are non-destructive to your background layer. The open layers included mean you can tweak, reverse engineer and adapt if you like to suit your tastes even further. If you do not have experience in using Photoshop actions, please refer to the LSP online video tutorials. You can also find more information about using Photoshop Actions on Adobe's website here.

What are Lightroom Presets & Brushes?

Unlike Plug-ins, Extensions or other External Image Editing Softwares, Lightroom Presets are already a built-in feature of LR. Presets help speed up and streamline your editing by applying a set series of editing steps over your image.

Lightroom Presets are saved settings that allow you to apply an edit to your image in one click.

The LSP presets are designed to be mixed 'n matched together for infinite possibilities. The specific blends and mixes of settings use mean you can find the perfect look for you image in just a few clicks, each edit will be unique depending on your tastes and style.

You can use these presets for a complete edit, a part edit or only sometimes - it's up to you! 

Lightroom Brushes are similar to presets but rather than effecting your whole image, you can select a brush and paint it just over a single area (such as face or clouds). Lightroom brushes are currently only able to be used with Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CS4-6 as other versions (such as mobile) do not have the capability of saving a brush preset. You also have a folder containing the brushes for ACR.

If you do not have experience in using Presets, please refer to the LSP online video tutorials. You can also find more information at Adobe's website here.

I'm a beginner, is this suitable for me?

Though these LSP Photoshop Actions have been designed to the highest professional standards, many beginners find these so user-friendly.

It is important to have a working knowledge of Photoshop for best results as the actions require some experience in using the Photoshop actions and layers panel.

The video tutorials walk you through step by step. I recommend watching the video tutorial first if in doubt to see if it is something you could do.

Please note: A working knowledge of Photoshop means you will be able to get started quicker in using these. If you are a complete beginner, please follow the video tutorials step-by-step. Lauren at LSP Actions cannot personally walk you through using these, but support is provided in the LSP Actions Facebook Group.

There is a lot of information online about using Photoshop actions, layers and brushes at

What is the refund policy?

Our products are digital downloads. Once you purchase and download a product, you have gained access so it cannot be returned. However, customers may request a refund under the following circumstances:

• If the file is corrupt or faulty you are entitled to a replacement. 


• If within 14 days of purchase, you have any issues at all with your product, please reply to your order confirmation email and describe your issue. We will endevour to help with your issue(s) and may require further information and co-operation from you during the troubleshooting phase.

• If the product you have purchased still does not work as advertised/described after we have assisted you, and provided you initially contacted us about any issues within 14 days of the order, then we will refund you.

• We can issue a refund without question if you have not yet downloaded your purchased product (this shows at our end) or if you have accidentally purchased the same product more than once. If this applies, email

Read the full refund policy here:

Will this work in my Language? 

LSP Actions have been designed in English.

There is no auto-translation of the Photoshop Actions, layers or file names into other languages - these will all be displayed in the English Language.

LSP will work best for you if you have an understanding of the English language. It does not auto-translate.

The tutorial videos are also in English, but if you switch on subtitles [CC] in Youtube, you should hopefully be able to read these in your language.

Read more here

I've been let down in the past, are these worth it?

There is a reason LSP Actions was voted "Best Professional Photographic Software" the last four years in a row and are used by some of the world's best photographers to achieve stunning results. To put it simply, LSP Actions work. On all images. Exactly as they say they do. 

We are committed to setting an industry standard for the highest quality Actions and Presets available to you and have help and support available to help you get the very best out of this action set.

Can I enter the images edited with LSP Actions into competitions?

Yes. Many photographers who use the LSP Actions are finding their images are doing better in photography competitions and winning awards. Please do check the individual rules of the competition to make sure you are allowed to use Actions or Presets.

How do I watch the video tutorials?

If I lose the file or my computer crashes, do I have to buy it again?

Once you purchase LSP Actions, you keep it for life. The files are available again to download in your account any time. Any problems, email us at with your purchase information and we will quickly get a replacement out to you for free.

Easily transform your candid home captures into breath-taking, sentimental portraits.

With this simple, straightforward editing system of Photoshop Actions +  Lightroom Presets + Lightroom Brushes + Overlays and Textures! Here's a reminder of what's included:

  • 100 Professional Photoshop Actions in color-coded workflow order. The Light Chronicles Photoshop Action set contains every editing step you will ever need to create whimsical, emotive storytelling art pieces. Leave all the rules at the door and let your heart lead the way. 

  • 100 Lightroom & ACR Presets The Cherished Dreams Preset Pack is a complete Lightroom edit to create warm and surreal storytelling imagery from start-to-finish. Use as a stand-alone or mix with your hand editing.

  • 15 Lightroom Brushes Specialist Lightroom Adjustment Brushes to paint rich tones, softness and portrait sharpness in Lightroom.

  • The Sentimental E-Magazine Guide Book 57 pages packed with tips, styling and shooting hints so you can learn exactly how to achieve this gorgeous storytelling style.

  • Textures, Dust & Bubbles 15 bonus overlays included that you can overlay in Photoshop easily to give your image that extra narrative.

  • Installation Guide so you can get up and running in seconds.

  • Video Tutorial Library 14 tutorials to walk you through every step, even if you're a beginner. Support is also available anytime you need. Watch the videos online or download to your computer.

£383.00£190.00( save 50%)

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