How to pose a newborn baby in father's hands | Capture this sweet, simple timeless shot

How to pose Newborn baby in Daddy's Hands

I have received quite a few messages asking how this shot is achieved - baby safe in Daddy's hands. Well, I'd like to say it's advanced and complicated but the truth is... no it's incredibly SIMPLE.
simple newborn pose fine art lemon sky
You can create this shot in any newborn session. You only need a small space and one light or a window plus a little creativity. Angle the light to cascade down baby and highlight the little face and details. Combined with a dramatic Black & White finish, this creates a unique, timeless and touching memory that the parents will absolutely treasure. 
I hope this 1.4 minute video helps you create your own version of this beautiful shot to add to your galleries.
Simplicity is key in this shot. Absolutely minimal retouching is needed after, as the whole point of the finished piece is to see baby as the delicate, brand new little life they are.

It is also wonderful (and important) to involve baby's parents in the shoot as much as you possibly can. This is the first time they have let a stranger handle their beautiful new baby of any extended period of time and I find adding this shot in at the end of the session makes a wonderful transition to the session finale; finishing with this gorgeous pose is wonderful for baby's parents.
This shot can be achieved in baby is awake or asleep, so long as baby is content and relaxed. Little baby in this video was breech so her sweet legs are naturally curled up like this.
Please enjoy the video tutorial of how you can set up, capture and create this shot: 
#TIP - work the angles! Stand over baby to create an aerial shot, move around and find that sweet spot. Play with angles and lighting to create variations in the gallery and don't forget those little toes!

*I have been asked why the blue backdrop instead of black - The blue is my black. Sometimes I shoot on this dark blue if I also want some colour shots for the gallery in a deep dark colour 

Please Always Remember SAFETY: Safety for your newborn client is THE most important thing to remember in any shot. Please make sure baby is never lifted from the bean bag. Also, remember Mama has recently given birth so make her comfortable and please ask her to inform you if she is uncomfortable at any time during this shot. Please make sure she rests her arms so as not to strain the abdominal muscles. This is especially important in the event of a C-Section. At no point should baby be unsafe during their session.


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