The Ana Brandt Signature Dress Toss Overlay & Action Collection For Photoshop


    The Ana Brandt Signature Dress Toss Collection features 135 unique flowing fabrics shot in Ana's Tustin Studio.


    Bonus Photoshop Action Applicator Kit is included so you can match the color perfectly and blend to your photo. 


    A must-have for all maternity and portrait photographers who want to add gorgeous billowing fabrics to their images.


"Having a fabric tossing action allows creative freedom for me to enhance my images without tossing fabric 10000 times!"

Add real flowing fabrics to your images

Fabric Library - The Ana Brandt Signature Dress Toss Collection, by Ana and LSP. This exclusive digital set features a whole collection of billowing fabrics, organized by background suitability (light, mid-toned or dark) ready to be added to your images and blended using the action provided. 

The fabrics are desaturated to give you limitless choice when adding to your own photos. You can match the color perfectly and lift or darken using the bonus Photoshop Action Applicator Kit included.

This set is a must-have for all maternity and portrait photographers who want to add Ana Brandt's fabrics to their images with total creative freedom and control.


  • 135 grey-scale flowing fabrics in PNG format. Organized into categories so you can easily overlay onto your photos

  • LSP Fabric Applicator Photoshop Action kit to help you color and adapt

  • Video walk-throughs to show you exactly how to apply the fabrics

  • Tech support and facebook group
  • Unlimited downloads and free account

Video Tutorials



Video 2: FULL TUTORIAL (slow in depth)

Using the action and adding a fabric piece to a mid-tone background

Video 3: FULL TUTORIAL (a little faster)
Using the action and adding fabric to a white background  (image by Ana Brandt)
Video 4: FULL TUTORIAL (fast paced) 
Using the Expert action to add double fabric behind your subject with masking (image by Ana Brandt)

I have questions...

I'm a beginner, are these hard to use?

The Fabric Library can be used by beginners and experts alike - but it is recommended you have a basic understanding of Photoshop and know your way around the program to give you the best head start - especially with the following:

Using actions 

Placing and resizing the fabric 

Using layer masks 

You can come back to this page anytime to watch the latest video demos, or by visiting LSP Actions on Youtube.

Will they work with my images?

The Fabrics are plain, un-patterned silks that are very slightly sheer (a little see-through, transparent). They are best used with studio images and paired with other similar fabrics or over plain dresses / nudes (see example images).  The fabrics are all grey-toned which allows you to effortlessly change the color to match your image, either using the action provided or by manually changing the Hue/Sat of the fabric layer to colorize.

They may not work so well with patterned fabrics or outdoor images - BUT the only limit is your own eye, experience and creativity! 

Is my version of Photoshop compatible?

These are best used in Adobe Photoshop English with the Bonus Action provided.

Photoshop - Creative Cloud (CC) 


Photoshop - CS4+

Photoshop Elements 14+

Other image editing software that allows layers or blend modes*

Suitable for both MAC and PC

* You can use the Fabrics in any image editing program that allows you to use layers, but please bear in mind that you will need to be able to change the color manually if using outside of Photoshop. The fabrics are grey by default so you can colorize to match your image.

What is the File Format?

After Download: The Fabric Library is sent to you upon completion of checkout to your email address. The file format is a ZIPPED folder containing the fabrics and action. Please bear in mind that this is an extra large file (1GB) and will take a while to download. If you experience download issues, it will be to do with your internet browser so please try in a different browser. You can also contact support (below)

Once unzipped / extracted: The Fabrics are all individual files in PNG format, which means they have a transparent background and you do not need to change the blend mode to layer onto your image. You can simply drag and drop or use the bonus Photoshop Action Kit provided. The fabrics are all grey so you can add the exact color to them to match your image using the Photoshop Action Kit provided.

Please watch the video tutorials for how to use the Fabric Library.

How can I access my digital download?

When you make a purchase at LSP Actions, you will immediately receive a download link at checkout upon payment. You will also receive an email confirmation email plus a download link to your inbox to retrieve your digital products whenever you like. This email will be sent to the email address you used to purchase with. 

If you can't see an email from me, please run a search of your inbox for "LSP Actions": this should bring up your order email and download link (plus any previous purchases or updates). So long as this is the email address you purchased with, you should have no problem locating your download this way.

You can also login to your account and download your files at anytime. Don't have an account? You can create an account and this will automatically add any downloads plus future updates - just be sure to register with the same email address you used to purchase with.

Please bear in mind that this is an extra large file (1GB) and will take a while to download. If you experience download issues, it will be to do with your internet browser so please try in a different browser. You can also contact support (below)

If you can't find your download via your inbox or your account, don't worry. Please contact me at hello@lsp-actions.com with as much information as possible about your order so I can locate and resend for you. 

I aim to reply within 3 business days  but please be aware that due to holidays or family commitments this can be a little longer sometimes.

How can I contact support?


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    With endless combinations


    Step-by-step tutorials & guides


    Guided and Expert actions included


    With a user friendly interface 

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