Fur Babies

The Photoshop Action Editing Suite for creative pet photographers

Complete fine art animal editing workflow, so you can transform your animal images into stunning fine-art "pawtraits" time & time again.


Designed in English - Will these work in my language?


Readily compatible with Photoshop on Mac or Windows.


Hobbyist or pro, these actions will work on all images to elevate, enhance and transform.


Online tutorial videos [in English]. Support 24/7 in the exclusive Facebook group and via email.


Sent straight to your inbox and available from your account anytime. 

Editing gorgeous animal portraiture has never been simpler... or more beautiful.

Introducing The

Fur Babies Photoshop Actions

For Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 and Creative Cloud.

No matter where you are in your pet photography journey, this is a game changer for modern photographers who want to confidently create timeless high-end animal captures, that stand out. 

Fur Babies takes care of everything, but leaves you in complete control. Brush on silky fur, enhance those sweet features, add depth and hazy blurs, instantly fix the white balance and shadows, mix the light diffuse finishers to create your signature style... all without effecting the original image and all fully editable. 

This means you can edit those sumptuous fine-art animal portraits you've always dreamed of and you can elevate your business to the next level with stand-out, scroll-stopping images. (So you can finally say goodbye to feeling like your images are missing that special something or spending hours editing).

It's time to rely on a proven process that allows you to consistently create the most stunning pet images imaginable for your clients. The possibilities are endless with gorgeous results time and time again!


Before & After Gallery

Images below edited exclusively, start to finish with The Fur Babies Actions.

Shot by renowned Dog Photographer, Amanda Voller.

What's Included?

  • 75 Professional Photoshop Actions in color-coded workflow order. Everything you need to transform your images into stunning detailed, rich toned fine-art pet portraits time and time again.

  • Installation Guide so you can get up and running in seconds.

  • Online Video Tutorial Library to walk you through every step, even if you're a beginner. Support is also available anytime you need.

  • Recipe E-Guide 37 pages jam-packed with inspiration, editing tips, information about what each action included does and more! Download the brochure here.

Suitable for Mac/Windows with Adobe Photoshop versions:

  • Creative Cloud

  • CS5 - CS6

  • Elements (PSE) 11+

Not compatible with Lightroom, other programs or mobile devices.

These actions are in English.


How Does It Work?

Don't let the user-friendly interface fool you: this high-end action workflow is so powerful, each command intelligently adapts to suit your image, so you can create stunning finishes every time (even if the shoot didn't go to plan, the settings were all wrong or the dog ran off with your lens cap...)

  • 1

    Load Into Photoshop

    Just double click and it's installed, instantly ready to use. Arranged in a colored panel. 

  • 2

    Choose the action & click

    The commands will play out in seconds, leaving you with an easy to use masked layer, up top and independent of the background, so you can open up to tweak further if needed. 

  • 3

    Paint on to reveal

    (As shown in the video). Simply paint where you want the effect to show. It even chooses the correct brush for you! Use time and time again to achieve stunning results. The Diffuse Finishers play out over you entire image so you can simply slide the opacity to suit.

Join over 1,200 photographers who are already using Fur Babies to get these stunning results

What's Inside?

Download the free recipe guide & brochure here

16 Instant Image Balance Base Tools

Click to correctly balance your image in seconds to create the perfect editing foundation 

• 5 Workspace Tools

• Magic Image Balancer

• Illuminate Brightness

• Headlight Bright

• Take Exposure Down

• Ultra Dark Black Magic

• Punchy Contrast

• Warmer Scene

• Cooler Scene

• Vibrant Scene

• Calm Bright Highlights

• Save Lost Blacks


11 Powerful Retouch Brush Layers

Every brush you will ever need for editing fur, feathers and features 

• Brighten Areas Brush

• Gentle Darken Brush

• Tack Sharp Brush

• Bright Eyes Brush

• Sharp Eyes Brush

• Nose Kiss Brush

• Fur Details Brush

• Black Areas Rescue Brush

• White Areas Rescue Brush

• White Fur Pure Boost Brush

• Defringe Brush


3 Mucky Pup Brush Layers

It's just like a trip to the groomers 

• Clean Up Fur (dirt, debris)

• Inner Ear Swab (remove waxy build up)

• Eye/Beard Stain Remover Brush 


9 Color Toners

Instantly paint away unwanted color casts, and tone where it's needed most

• Red Rover Riddance

• Yappy Yellow Gone

• Orange Off!

• Enhance Greens

• Go Away Green

• Shoo Blue

• Purify Purples

• Add Warmth

• Add Cool Toning


Hide Leash, Collar, Harness & Distractions Action

Flawlessly remove any unprofessional distractions from your image. So fast & easy 

The LSP Select & Fix "HIDE" action allows you to easily remove the collar, tag, harness and any other distractions in your image. So easy to use with full instructions, you just select the area you'd like to remove and the action does it for you... say goodbye to cloning or patching and hello to a much easier and faster way.


7 L'Artist Enhance Brushes

Including silky painterly fur, hazy halos and blurs... A perfectly tailored, painterly finesse that will set your work apart from all the others 

• Enhance & Attention Grab Brush

• Ultra Details Brush

• Invigorate Vibrant Tones Brush

• Painterly Silky Fur Brush

• L'Artist Finish

• Hazy Halo Brusher

• Beautiful Blur Brush


20 Light Diffuse Overlays

From rich browns and muted golden tones to midnight blues, jewel greens and all the color harmonies in between, blend to create that magical finish you've been longing for...

Warm Mix

• Beam

• Epiphany

• Peachy Pie

• Radiant

• Sunset Glow

Cool Mix

• Alloy

• Emerald Isle

• Sea Foam

• Winter Coat

• Wizardry Midnight

Dreamy Mix

• Cherished

• Day Dreaming

• Dreamy Haze

• Lavender Mist

• Rose Bud

Drama Mix

• Club

• Drama Llama Ding Dong

• Evening

• Fairground

• Moody Beast


Drama Mix | Warm Mix


Dreamy Mix | Cool Mix

4 Polished Finish Tools

The perfect dynamic finish in a snap, including Black & White 

• Contrast Boost Final Kick

• Add A Soft Vignette

• Convert For Black & White

• Sharpen For Print


5 Social & Web Resizers

Creates a separate image, so no saving over the original 

• Facebook Landscape/ Portrait

• Instagram

• Save for Website

• Convert to SRGB Profile


Lastest Customer Reviews


Meet The Creator

Hi, I'm Lauren a professional rock bassist turned internationally award-winning photographer and designer (plus a mother of four spirited young kids).

I developed and launched LSP Actions for busy photographers who are savvy enough to know they need to crank up the "WOW factor" of their photography and speed up the turnaround for client galleries, but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to their images. Whether you're a beginner or pro, why not come and join the private LSP Actions Editing Group for Photographers over on Facebook here [join group].

There is more to life than spending hours upon hours editing, especially when you have a family to raise and a business to grow. It's time to up your game and use something that is actually proven to work, so you can create stand-out images and cut your editing time in half. 

This fast and flawless pet workflow was originally launched in 2018 after more than a year making and has been tested on thousands of images, to ensure it will work like magic on every shot for photographers of all levels. Designed with the invaluable input of top pet portrait photographer, Amanda Voller and loved by over 1,200 photographers to transform their pet photographs into stand-out art. 

Recent Awards & Accolades for LSP Actions by Lemon Sky:

Frequently Asked...

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop?

These actions are compatible with Photoshop on Mac or Windows:

• Photoshop Creative Cloud (all versions)

• Photoshop CS5-6

(not compatible with Photoshop Elements or older versions of Photoshop. Not compatible with tablet or mobile devices).

• Get a free trial of Photoshop Creative Cloud here: Get Adobe Creative Cloud

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a series of pre-recorded editing steps that you can "play" over your image using Adobe Photoshop on your computer. It's like watching an invisible editor take over your screen for a fraction of a second to set up all the layers you need.

You need your Photoshop Action panel and layers panel open.

I have designed every step of the action commands to adapt to your image. LSP Actions leave 100% room for flexibility and are non-destructive to your background layer. The open layers included mean you can tweak, reverse engineer and adapt if you like to suit your tastes even further. If you do not have experience in using Photoshop actions, please refer to the LSP online video tutorials. You can also find more information about using Photoshop Actions on Adobe's website here.

I'm a beginner, is this suitable for me?

Though these LSP Photoshop Actions have been designed to the highest professional standards, many beginners find these so user-friendly.

It is important to have a working knowledge of Photoshop for best results as the actions require some experience in using the Photoshop actions and layers panel.

The video tutorials walk you through step by step. I recommend watching the video tutorial first if in doubt to see if it is something you could do.

Please note: A working knowledge of Photoshop means you will be able to get started quicker in using these. If you are a complete beginner, please follow the video tutorials step-by-step. Lauren at LSP Actions cannot personally walk you through using these, but support is provided in the LSP Actions Facebook Group.

There is a lot of information online about using Photoshop actions, layers and brushes at Adobe.com

What is the refund policy?

Our products are digital downloads. Once you purchase and download a product, you have gained access so it cannot be returned. However, customers may request a refund under the following circumstances:

• If the file is corrupt or faulty you are entitled to a replacement. 


• If within 14 days of purchase, you have any issues at all with your product, please reply to your order confirmation email and describe your issue. We will endeavor to help with your issue(s) and may require further information and co-operation from you during the troubleshooting phase.

• If the product you have purchased still does not work as advertised/described after we have assisted you, and provided you initially contacted us about any issues within 14 days of the order, then we will refund you.

• We can issue a refund without question if you have not yet downloaded your purchased product (this shows at our end) or if you have accidentally purchased the same product more than once. If this applies, email hello@lsp-actions.com.

Read the full refund policy here: https://www.lsp-actions.com/pages/refund-policy

I don't shoot pets very often, is it worth me getting the Fur Babies Photoshop Actions?

"I'm a newborn and family photographer, but wanted to do more pets. Every time I did though, I was always disappointed in the result. I purchased Fur Babies and went back to edit an old shoot and WOW, this was what was missing! I even managed to upsell this old gallery to the client again, including images I'd missed out before. I now shoot more pets than newborns, all thanks to Fur Babies and my clients love the images. Thank you LSP Actions!" 
— Clair W.

Fur Babies is owned by hundreds of professional, experienced pet photographers... but equally, many hobbyists have purchased Fur Babies and, once they realised the calibre of images they could create with this set, they have quickly gone on to launching their own pet photography biz! You can connect with lots of different photographers, all with their own story here in the LSP Actions Editing Group on Facebook.

Will this work in my language?

LSP Actions have been designed in English.

There is no auto-translation of the Photoshop Actions, layers or file names into other languages - these will all be displayed in the English Language.

LSP will work best for you if you have an understanding of the English language. It does not auto-translate.

The tutorial videos are also in English, but if you switch on subtitles [CC] in Youtube, you should hopefully be able to read these in your language.

Read more here

I've been let down in the past, are these worth it?

There is a reason LSP Actions was voted "Best Professional Photographic Software" the last four years in a row and are used by some of the world's best photographers to achieve stunning results. To put it simply, LSP Actions work. On all images. Exactly as they say they do. 

We are committed to setting an industry standard for the highest quality Actions and Presets available to you and have help and support available to help you get the very best out of this action set.

Can I enter the images edited with LSP Actions into competitions?

Yes. Many photographers who use the LSP Actions are finding their images are doing better in photography competitions and winning awards. Please do check the individual rules of the competition to make sure you are allowed to use Actions or Presets.

How do I watch the video tutorials?

If I lose the file or my computer crashes, do I have to buy it again?

Once you purchase LSP Actions, you keep it for life. The files are available again to download in your account any time. Any problems, email us at hello@lsp-actions.com with your purchase information and we will quickly get a replacement out to you for free.

Download the complete

Fur Babies Action Editing Suite For Photoshop

and elevate your art to the next level (right away ) so you can create stunning pet images to be proud of, time and time again.

  • 75 Professional Photoshop Actions designed to give all images that flawless "special something" that sets your work apart. Fast and perfect for all images (say goodbye to marathon editing sessions)

  • Installation Guide so you can get up and running in seconds.

  • Online Video Tutorial Library to walk you through every step, even if you're a beginner. Support is also available anytime you need.

  • Recipe E-Guide 37 pages jam-packed with inspiration, editing tips, information about what each action included does and more! 

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  • Photoshop File For CS5, CS6 and Creative Cloud

  • Easy To Follow Tutorial Videos

  • PDF Shooting Guide & Tips Included

  • Instant Digital Download

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