How to create a wood-look faded backdrop in minutes without buying anything new

Ok, I did not intend to record this video. It was Mother's Day here in the UK and I'd had a wonderful day filled with cold cups of tea, scribbled drawings and sticky kisses. I managed to find 20 minutes peace in the evening by hiding in the studio claiming I had "work to do"... so, without further ado, I present to you the most amateur throw-together 4 minute video you will see on the web today, creating something incredibly effective and simple:



  • Keep a pencil sharpener handy
  • Start soft- you don't want harsh lines
  • Use a light crayon to draw a second line to the right or left (depending on your lighting position, draw the opposite side to your light) and smudge with your finger top to create depth
  • Don't be like Lauren and free hand - make sure you plan out the distance between your planks to keep your lines poker-straight
  • Take your time!


  • Don't want a fade? Draw to the back and add a skirting board - BOOM wooden floor and wall
  • Use with a cake smash, then just chop and chuck the mess
  • Experiment with different tones and styles
  • make white wood paper backdrop fade photography editing lsp

Edited using the White Linen for Photoshop (also super quick)

Do you have any amazing tips you can share? Or did you try this yourself?Let me know in the comments below. Can't wait to see what you do with this!

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