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Welcome to the video tutorials for the LSP Portrait Studio Fine-Art Finesse Photoshop Action Suite for Photoshop Creative Cloud.

This action set was upgraded in June 2024 from the old version. 

You can find tutorials for both versions of the actions below. 

You can also find the Frequently Asked section below. Happy editing!



(For the newest version released June 2024 and Onwards)


Watch these video tutorials to get up and running, and to see what each section does for best results:

Installation | Balancing | Skin Retouch | Color Correction | Makeup | Details | Hair | Manual Editing | Frequency Separation | Black and White | Color Grading | Finishing Off

Start Up: How to install the actions and how they work.

Part 2: Using the image balancing section.

Part 3: Image Enhance using Brushes

Part 4: Skin Retouching Brushes

Part 5: Color Correction Brushes

Part 6: Details and Makeup Editing

Part 7: Using the manual editing section (including Frequency Separation, Select & Fix, Dodge & Burn)

Part 8: Adding color grading using the Finishing Wash Section.

Part 9: Creating a stunning black and white conversion

Part 10: Finial polish, vignette, save for socials.

Fine-Art Children's Portrait using the Actions from start to finish

A complete "watch over my shoulder" video edit to achieve a fine art kids portrait.

Also shown is some manual tricks for balancing the color and toning in the kid's clothing.

A complete skin and balancing edit with this stunning model

Using the brushes to create flawless skin, details and bringing back highlights in the clothing.

Creating a sharp, punchy boho edit with creativity

Grab something to drink and join me as we edit this boho image using the Portrait Vogue Photoshop Actions

Complete Beauty Model Edit and a Fine-Art Finish

Watch over my shoulder as I edit this stunning image by Charlie at Click using the Actions

How to fix a complex background by removing elements and rebuilding hidden areas!

Here's how I fix a background by removing items and adding bits back in using the Portrait Vogue Photoshop Actions.

Portrait & Studio Vogue (original / Old Version)

(For the older version of Portrait & Studio Vogue pre-June 2024)

Video Tutorial 1 - Overview and walk through / getting started

Video Tutorial 2 - Fine Art Edit

Video Tutorial 3 - Clean Recipe Guide

Video Tutorial 4 - Darker Fine-Art Edit


I purchased - which version of the actions do I have?

If you purchased this action pack after June 2024, you will have the newest version of the actions and will need to watch the NEW tutorials above. 

If you purchased the action pack before the major upgrade, you will have both versions in your LSP Actions account. This means you get to use whichever version you like!

At LSP when an action set gets upgraded, the old tutorials remain for a while longer. You've caught us in a transition! 

How do I access my LSP Actions account to download the actions?

You can access your LSP Actions account, using the email address you used to purchase, here:


TIP - if your email isn't recognised, it's probably because you didn't setup an account at the time of purchase. Simply create a new account, making sure to use the email address you purchased with, and you'll see your downloads inside.

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop?

These actions are compatible with Photoshop Creative Cloud only on Mac or Windows:

• Photoshop Creative Cloud (all versions)

(not compatible with Photoshop Elements or older versions of Photoshop. Not compatible with tablet or mobile devices).

• Get a free trial of Photoshop Creative Cloud here: Get Adobe Creative Cloud

What is the refund policy?

Our products are digital downloads. Once you purchase and download a product, you have gained access so it cannot be returned. However, customers may request a refund under the following circumstances:

• If the file is corrupt or faulty you are entitled to a replacement. 


• If within 14 days of purchase, you have any issues at all with your product, please reply to your order confirmation email and describe your issue. We will endeavor to help with your issue(s) and may require further information and co-operation from you during the troubleshooting phase.

• If the product you have purchased still does not work as advertised/described after we have assisted you, and provided you initially contacted us about any issues within 14 days of the order, then we will refund you.

• We can issue a refund without question if you have not yet downloaded your purchased product (this shows at our end) or if you have accidentally purchased the same product more than once. If this applies, email hello@lsp-actions.com.

Read the full refund policy here: https://www.lsp-actions.com/pages/refund-policy