Thank you for requesting the LSP Photoshop Actions free demo 

What next?

Hit the button above to download the Photoshop Actions to your computer (you need Photoshop on a Mac or PC to use Photoshop Actions).

Not at your computer right now? No problem. The link is also winging it's way to your email. Simply check back later when you're at your computer to download.

If you're new to Photoshop actions, check out the short video below so you can get up and running right away! If you're not the video tutorial type, scroll down for written instructions for installing and using these Photoshop Actions.

Here's The Video Tutorial:


Don't do video tuts? Here are the instructions:

  1. Download the free photoshop actions to your Mac or Windows computer/laptop by clicking on the purple button
  2.  Open up Photoshop
  3.  Double click the [.atn] file in your downloads 

  4. To view the action panel in Photoshop, go to WINDOW > ACTIONS
  5.  You will see the LSP Free Demo Photoshop Actions in the panel.
  6.  If you are in gray mode, you need to select the ▶LSP Action of your choice and hit the play button.
  7.  To view in colored 1-click button mode, click the 3 little lines top right of the action panel and select "Button Mode"

  8.  Set your brush to: Soft Round | Normal | 100% Opacity | 25% Flow

  9.  Play the action of your choice and paint directly on to your image where you wish for the effect to show
         - IE: Silky Soft Skin, paint this over the skin avoiding the lips and eyes.

  10. Go through the actions and play! The actions are non-destructive. You can further tweak them and turn the created layers on or off my clicking the eye icon in your layers panel (Window > Layers)

  11. Enjoy! Any questions please do post in the LSP Actions Facebook Group Here. 
Enjoy using this freebie and don't forget to tag me in the LSP Actions Facebook Group (join here).

Though this is a free product, it is governed by the same End User Licence Agreement as all LSP Products and remains copyright Lemon Sky Photography Limited. By entering your email and downloading this digital product, you agree to the following terms and conditions. This is a free gift and cannot be sold on or gifted to anyone else. You may direct others to this website in order to download the items themselves.