Sleepy Baby White Noise Track - MP3 for soothing and settling newborns [FREE]
Sleepy Baby White Noise Track - MP3 for soothing and settling newborns [FREE]

Sleepy Baby White Noise Track - MP3 for soothing and settling newborns [FREE]

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One of the best tricks of the trade, newborn photographers and parents alike have been using variations of white noise to settle babies for years. Add this to your cart for free.

Please add this item to the cart (it's free!). This will download a *zip file to your computer containing a 30 minute MP3 of sleepy baby white noise and a 15 minute version, which you can loop on repeat if needed. You can add to your phone or tablet, burn to disc, add to mp3 player etc.

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*CAUTION: Please use common sense with volume when using this or any other digital sounds with a baby. Please do not use headphones with babies and make sure you keep the volume at a level that will not be too loud for an infant's delicate ears. Quality will vary depending on your method of playback*
The natural off-beat rhythmic whooshing, shushing and heartbeat of Sleepy Baby White Noise has been composed and created specifically to mimic the sounds of the womb and comfort newborn babies to help them settle and calm.
This track can be downloaded and placed onto your phone, ipod, Mp3 player, tablet or any other device to play to baby (please note, quality will vary depending on your device). You are allowed to burn to disc for personal use only. This can also be played through room speakers, for maximum bass and quality. 
For best results, play this at sufficient volume so baby can hear and concentrate on the soothing sounds over the usual background noise of the room.
Though this has been designed for the Newborn Photography Industry, parents may also find it very useful too! If baby is unsettled, overtired or just having "one of those days", try playing them this track and see how they go.
May all your nights be peaceful and your days be full of calm, happy babies!

Please Read: Sleepy Baby White Noise© has been written and recorded by Lauren Bennett of Lemon Sky Photography Ltd / LSP Actions and is not to be sold on, altered or distributed by anyone other than Lemon Sky Photography LTD. This is a free download, but this piece of music is not royalty free and is for personal use only. You are not permitted to give this track to friends, alter or sell on this track. Please refer friends and associates to this page instead. Please take care when putting mobile phone devices near to infants or children. Please take care with track volume when placed near to a child or infant's ear. Do not ever use headphones with infants, babies or children. All rights reserved - Lemon Sky Photography Ltd 2018.