Maternity Vogue - Photoshop Action Collection

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The LSP Maternity Vogue Photoshop Action Collection has been developed by Lauren at Lemon Sky and overseen by Ana Brandt - the world's most prolific and well known maternity photographer, to bring you over 120 Photoshop Actions in workflow order especially designed for achieving high end, divine and bespoke polished galleries. 


  • • Double click and you're set to go

  • So easy, even Grandma could edit like a pro

  • • So effective, the pros actually do use this


  • • Download instantly at checkout + email

  • No download limits

  • • One-off purchase FREE updates for life


  • • Industry award nominated customer service

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  • • Video tutorials on this page and Youtube


"To Photographers - STOP editing by hand every single scratch!!! Time is money! We need to be shooting and to be efficient. I am obsessed with LSP Actions, so much it is all I use.

As a busy traveling photographer, I need tools that are simple and quick to use that do not over-process my images. I love the simplicity and diversity of LSP actions because I can do everything I need in just a few seconds"   

- Ana Brandt


Pregnancy photography is an art form, you are capturing and creating a fleeting memory for your maternity client and she deserves the best.

 This Photoshop Action Suite will load straight into your Photoshop without and fuss and be ready for use. No plug-ins, no installation, no faffing, no complications. 

Simply click the action to play and it will set up your editable Photoshop Layers. It can't get simpler than that. In fact, it is so simple that even tough LSP Actions are loved by professionals, even beginners can use these actions with ease to achieve flawless galleries in a fraction of the time. 

The Maternity Vogue Photoshop Action Suite is designed to be used within Photoshop CS6 Creative Cloud. 

£129.00 GBP



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Overview for Beginners
Maternity Vogue Overview LIVE run though
Maternity Airbrush Skin and Tones
Smooth skin and no blemishes in 28 seconds
Remove Stretch Marks without effecting skin texture
Adding a finishing overlay
Create a Silhouette in One Click
Back Lighting & High Key Demo
Rainbow Maternity Dress
Rainbow Babies - create a rainbow belly!
Outdoor Maternity
Blur The Background without a halo

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Photoshop Actions?

Unlike Plug-ins, Extensions or other External Image Editing Softwares, Photoshop Actions are already a built-in feature of Photoshop! 

If you are not using Photoshop Actions to help speed up and streamline your editing, you're missing out on a huge trick.

Photoshop comes with the capability to 'record' a series of steps taken when editing an image and to save this as an 'action'. You can then 'play the action' every time you wish to recreate these steps on a new image. Neat! 

LSP Photoshop Actions take this not just one step further, but in leaps and bounds to make sure you never have a bad editing day again. Some of the LSP Actions play upwards of 300 separate clicks to set up layers for you in just seconds... imagine how long this would take you in real time!?! 

Once you install your LSP Action set into Photoshop, it will always be there for you whenever you wish to use it. You can use LSP Actions for a complete edit, a part edit or only sometimes - it's up to you!

WATCH THE VIDEO:How To Use Photoshop Actions 

You can see and play your LSP Actions by opening up the actions palette (see below for more help). Then you simply click on an action (ie Reduce The Reds) and it will play out as a separate layer with a layer mask. You then paint this on to your image as you wish! You can leave it as it is, or you can play with the opacity of the effect, play again for a stronger effect, edit it yourself if you wish... the freedom with LSP Actions is phenomenal for beginners and experts alike.

Can I use these in Photoshop Elements?

The LSP Photoshop Actions are designed only for use with Photoshop CS6 - Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). If you are using Elements, or an older version of Photoshop (older than CS6) please be aware that unless otherwise stated, these actions will not work fully. Some actions may be fine, but others simply won't play because they use the latest features of Photoshop CC which simply isn't available in older versions or Elements.

I'm a beginner - are these hard to use?

The LSP Actions can be used by beginners and experts alike - but it is recommended you have a basic understanding of Photoshop and know your way around the basics to give you the best head start. It's recommended you have basic knowledge of Layer Masks (though the Actions come with a mini instruction guide on layer masks). 

You can also watch the video demos anytime by visiting the website and clicking on the action set you have downloaded.

Beginners find they can create professional images far quicker by using the actions than by muddling through trying to figure Photoshop out! You can also learn from the actions as you go, meaning you will become more proficient at hand editing too!

How do I install LSP Actions?

After download, unzip the file. Then you can just double-click your new action and it will appear at the bottom of your Actions Palette in Photoshop!

NEED MORE HELP? Visit this page for more information of how to install Photoshop actions.

I can't see my actions palette

The actions palette is built into Photoshop. If you can't see it, simply go up to "WINDOW" and select "ACTIONS". Your action palette will magically appear and ready to use

Your Actions are color coded, but mine just look grey. How can I get the colours?

You're right, I've set the Actions into workflow order and also color coded them into sections for ease of use. 

There are two ways of viewing Actions in Photoshop, Button Mode and Normal Mode.

Button mode is where you can see the colors I have set and you just click on the action directly to play it.

Normal mode is where you can open the action files to see what's inside them and alter the actions. This mode is greyed out and you need to click 'play' in order to run an action. When you are on this mode, it's easy to accidentally alter your actions so they no longer  work properly, so I recommend using button mode,

To view in button mode, go to the top of your actions palette and you will see four little lines in the top right corner [ ≣ ] Click this and select "Button Mode"

Make sure you join the LSP actions facebook page community for support, chatting to other photographers and all the editing help under the sun:

LSP Actions By Lemon Sky | By Lauren Bennett with Ana Brandt

If you require further instructions, or a general overview of how to use Photoshop Actions check out the links below after you have purchased and downloaded.

• How to install and use Photoshop Actions
 Troubleshooting Photoshop Actions