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The Lemon Sky Balloon - Multi-Layer Digital Background

£24.50 GBP

Surprise and delight your clients with the Lemon Sky luxury digital balloon background. This is a multi-layer PSD file to be opened in photoshop. The addition of extra layers means each balloon has four distinct, different looks plus infinite combinations using the overlays and settings provided with your download. No two will look the same. The Lemon Sky Balloon comes in three styles: Blue-Grey, Neutral and Feminine. Each of these includes a unique style of Lemon Sky Base | Cloudy Day Base | Rose Sunset | Stormy. You also have the option to add a rainbow in one click as well as different toners and overlays. By popular demand, this is a high quality, full resolution digital backdrop guaranteed to appeal to your clients.


Choose the balloon you prefer from the drop-down below and add to cart for instant download (neutral is automatically selected). This is a large PSD file, over a GB in size. Please note that it may take a while to download.


VIDEO: The Lemon Sky balloon Overview


VIDEO: Tips on shooting baby for the balloon


VIDEO: How To Add Baby To The Balloon 

(20 minutes)