Forestry School - The Outdoor Photoshop Action Collection (Creative Cloud)

These actions are fast, simple to use and beautifully laid out in editing order so you can scroll and click as you wish. 

Over 70 intelligent Photoshop Actions especially designed for your outdoor portraits. Please see the next tab for what's included.


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"I purchased the Outdoor Action set not really knowing what to expect as I had never used actions before. So simple and what a life changer! I get so many more compliments on my photos and bookings now...and I am so thankful for having tried them! Have just purchased more, and cant wait to start editing...which I used to dread! Miriam, photographer at Photography by Mim."





Over 70 intelligent photoshop actions included. Organised in themes and in a user-friendly layout:

• Mini instruction Actions
- About your actions
- #TIP: A handy list of keyboard shortcuts
- #TIP Background Layer (not layer 0)
- What are layer masks?
- How to use the SLIDERS
- How to use the PAINTS

• Full Scene Bases
- Signature Mini Clean
- Healthy Histogram
- Underexposer Fixer Upper
- Blown rescue Mission

• Scene Sliders (slide the opacity up to taste)
- Highlight rescue
- Brighten shadows
- Sharpen
- Brighten
- Darken
- Contrast
- Light matte
- Heavy matte
- Warm up
- Cool down
- Colour boost
- lush the greens
- Desaturate the greens
- lightly desat all over

• Retouch Brushes (paint on with white brush)
- Brighten up skin
- Natural contrast
- Lighten up shadows
- Rescue the highlights
- Soft skin natural
- Cream skin tone
- Peach skin tone
- Cool skin tone
- Sharpen the details
- Add lip colour
- Defined lip pout
- Cupids bow pop
- Natural cheek blush
- soften hair
- Eye lashes, liner and brows
- Bright eye pop
- Colour boost
- Sky/Dress/Highlight rescue
- [VANITY BAG] play them all

Colour Cast Tone Brushes (paint on with white brush)
- Go away green
- You go Yellow
- Purge the purple
- Off with the orange
- Reduce the reds
- Bye bye blue
- Get rid og greys

Finishing Wash Filters (slide opacity up to taste)
- White hazer (subtle white haze)
- Hazy days (warm pink brown haze)
- Violet loves the bluebells (bright pink pop)
- Air dreamer (cool airy desat)
- Air warm breeze (warm yellows)
- Creamy matte
- Peachy perfection
- Autumn greens (any day is autumn)
- Scarecrow (bright warm filter)
- Little yellow warbler ( sharp warm booster)
- Golden hour (warm rich and dark)
- Muted brown sparrow (delicious russet browns)
- Retro magazine (beautiful vintage vibe)

• Light Play Overlays
- Lens flare (top left)
- Lens flare (top right)
- Sunset haze (top)
- Sunset haze (left)
- Sunset haze (right)
- Sun haze (moveable filter - drag)
- Retro gel rainbow filter

• Manual Fixes
- Instructions for each
- Frequency separation
- Select n' Fix (select an area you want to "fix" ie remove branch)
- Background matte & blur

• The End
- Contrast hit
- Dramatic vingette
- Black & White - Elegant
- Sharpen
- Facebook frame resize


  A Light Airy Silent Edit
 A Dark Matte Silent Edit 


 To find out how to install photoshop actions please click here

*These Actions can be loaded into elements, but please be aware not all features will work.



*These actions are designed for use with Photoshop CC.

Please note: All Lemon Sky Actions and Presets are designed using and are up-to-date with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom version: CC  (Creative Cloud). Please bear in mind I cannot vouch for how well they will run in older versions of PS or PSE or in future updates to the software.


By purchasing, it is assumed you know how to run and use Photoshop Actions as I am unable to walk you through. Please see the HELP section for more information.

Due to the digital nature of the product, once purchased all LSP Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and all other digital products are non-refundable. They are compatible with the latest version of the software to date: May 2016. If products are updated, you will be notified via email with a link to your update. Lemon Sky cannot be held responsible for those purchasing who do not know how to use the product they have purchased / those who purchase the wrong product by mistake / those who update their software and can no longer use the digital download. Thank you.


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