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Bunny Hop Overlay Kit

£39.00 GBP

Real bunnies shot in my studio! The LSP Bunny Hop Kit includes the bunny overlay selection of your choice, the Bunny Hop Photoshop Action collection to help you place and blend your bunny, and the Ltd Edition LSP Bunny Hop brush set (including flokati, grass and fur to blend your bunny professionally). Each bunny has five poses, or choose the complete bundle for all 35 bunny images.



Add bunnies to your images in Photoshop

The LSP Bunny Hop Overlay kit for Photoshop has been designed to enable professional photographers of all levels to add high-resolution rabbits to their images. By purchasing this set, you not only get the Bunny Hop Kit of your choice, I will also donate 10% to South Coast Rabbit Rescue, which is where all of these bunnies are from! Aren't you awesome :)
Real rabbits shouldn't be hired and used in a studio environment unless a professional handler is present and the rabbit is conditioned and treated kindly at all times and hot handled by the children because of the unpredictability of both prey animals and toddlers. By purchasing the Bunny Hop Overlays, you are saying no to the promotion of real animals being used in studios with small children.
Rather than stock clip art, you receive the same bunny in a variety of poses, meaning you can tailor your sessions and have the bunny in different positions throughout your sets! Choose from the following bunnies...

Each download also includes the LSP BUNNY HOP ACTION collection for Photoshop and a BONUS Photoshop brush collection. Blend your bunnies into your images with ease, including flat surfaces, grass and flokatis.