Hi, I'm Lauren, creator of LSP Actions. I am also a  multi-award-winning photographer and business owner at Lemon Sky Photography Ltd in the UK. I  have created LSP Actions to help you to speed up and perfect your photo editing.

LSP Actions creator Lauren Bennett

A Graphic Designer for years prior to becoming a newborn and family photographer, Photoshop and Lightroom have been my geeky side-kicks for as long as I can remember!

I'm a busy mother of 2 and have 2 businesses to run. Put simply, I don't have time to burn the midnight oil editing, so created a suite of actions and presets for Photoshop and Lightroom that allowed me to drastically reduce my editing times. I started making them available to other photographers.

This is how my company, LSP Actions, was born. Many photographers told me they don't know how they had coped without them and that not only did they significantly speed up their editing and improved consistency in their galleries, they gave them back precious time to focus on themselves, their families and their businesses.

The LSP community is growing steadily and I am so very grateful you have stopped by today. If you are here because you want to perfect, streamline, simplify and speed up your editing, you are in the right place.

Are you spending more time staring into Photoshop's dull grey background than you are into the eyes of your loved ones? Late nights, early starts and nail-biting just to get that gallery passable? Spending more time editing than shooting?

Running your own business should mean more free time and flexibility to do all the things you like. There is more to life than spending hours upon hours editing. I've been there, done that and am so glad to have come out the other side.

I know how tough it can be when you have a huge editing pile that is growing faster than you can finish it. Getting it "right" in camera is my #1 Top Tip for speeding up your editing: Please, take a moment to pull those blankets tight, arrange clothing and props, assess the light and tweak your settings before capturing the shots. Your future self, sitting in front of the computer screen later will thank you for this! My second biggest time saver, as a photographer, is using Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Actions and presets streamline your gallery to give consistency and, with the click of a button, play out a series of commands that could take far longer to set by hand. They take the guesswork out of editing, saving you time, repetition and headaches.

I have developed collections of actions, presets and overlays tailored towards newborn photographers, child and family photographers, outdoor photographers and studio photographers. There are different collections to choose from, from the larger complete workflow sets to the more specific smaller and mini sets. 

LSP Actions: The photographer's secret weapon!

Transform your chaotic editing routine into a calm, clear process. LSP Actions makes editing feel like a guilty pleasure, with dozens of one-click automated processes in Photoshop or Lightroom that will save you time, headaches and frustration.

Whatever your photography genre, LSP Actions has offerings that represent great value for money and can give you a return on your investment several times over by speeding up your editing no end and giving you back precious time. They also help you to achieve beautifully consistent galleries for your clients. Though not a magic wand, they can certainly help save images that didn't go to plan and those images you nailed SOOC; they can help make those 'perfect' images pop and allow you to add your own signature style.

No frills, no fluff, no gimmicks - well, maybe a couple ;-) - these actions and presets are designed to get the job done perfectly and quickly.

The LSP Actions and Presets are designed for easy, streamlined editing and will give you that perfect, flawless image every single time: just one click and paint on - they really are that user-friendly!

All the LSP products give you the control to edit your images your way, in your individual style. They are simple to use; you just need a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom, so if you already use these programs, you'll be fine.

Since I started the company in 2015, LSP Actions products have been downloaded more than 15,000 times. Once the secret weapon of a just the handful of photographers I first shared them with, these products are now used and loved by some of the best and most well-known photographers in the industry, globally, and are fast becoming the most well known highly rated actions and presets, selling to photographers, worldwide.

So, thank you for visiting LSP Actions! You can apply to join my private facebook group LSP Actions | Lauren Bennett | The Photographers Playground for editing chat, tips advice and support. I also give away freebies, ask for testers and more in this group so you really do want to be in there! You can also join the LSP Tribe to receive free demos and other goodies direct to your inbox. Please be assured I won't be forever spamming you and will never share or sell your details. I'll only send an email when I think it's something that will be of value to you and something you will really like.

I don't have a big team of staff, I don't even have a tidy office (my whirlwind small children and photography business see to that!) but I will always try to help you in the facebook group should you have any questions or wish to improve your editing. I do my best to answer questions and to support everyone who asks for help but can't guarantee to be available to provide one-to-one tuition or to walk you through. This is a fantastically supportive group of like-minded photographers though, and there is often someone there who knows the answer. You will also find a myriad of useful blogs and training materials, including videos, on this website and on my YouTube Channel.

From camera to client, these products will help you create the images you've been dreaming of!



Lauren xoxox

Kind Words

Ana Brandt

I did [the edit] in about 30 seconds. I used Newborn Action set for this one. Lemon Sky's AMAZING actions - love love love

- Ana Brandt (on LSP's Signature Newborn Collection), Baby Belly Love | Taopan


Definitely did not need anymore actions having bought several other well known sets, but after stumbling on Lauren's page I thought I'd try them & boy am I happy I did! They are all I need & use now & my editing time has been significantly reduced & I'm loving the results. Can't rate them highly enough. Thank you so much!

- Karen Kimmins Newborn Photography 

The LSP Newborn Actions have changed my editing work flow not just with speed but with the polished, high end look you would expect to see from the world's best photographers. Lauren's customer service is second to none from questions on how to use an action effectively to uploading detailed video tutorials
- Vanessa White Photography
Truthfully, they are superb 
- Gary Hill (on LSP's Essential Studio Retouch and Portrait Base Collection for Lightroom)
I've got a few actions sets but after using Lauren's Newborn Collection they have become my "go to" actions and I rarely use anything else! Lauren has also provided me with some wonderful after sales support. Highly recommend! I love your actions and I'd be lost without them now. Can't believe my editing has gone from a few days to literally hours for a gallery

- Belle Bebe Photography

Having tried (and loved) several other well known action sets, these are without a doubt the best actions I've ever used! So simple and quick, they've drastically reduced my editing time with just a couple of clicks - so much so, that my other actions have remained unused. If you're even considering buying them just go for it! - I guarantee you won't regret it!
Debbie Munro Photography
Completely changed the way I look at my work , I constantly looked at it and just thought something was missing ! It was it was Lsp actions !!!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lsp actions 
- Captured Memories
Claire Elliot
I have used quite a few sets of newborn actions, BUT these are different, having the option to apply your own taste is perfect. So very quick and easy to apply with no fuss, [they] save me so much editing time, I just want to shout about them!

 - Claire Elliot - the Guild of Photographers | UK #SIB StandInBaby Ambassador | Award Winning Newborn Photographer

Tracey Willis

I am usually an action hater as most are very heavy handed and don't work as you want them to but these are so easy and work so effectively! Grab them while you can

- Tracy Willis | FSWPP | Leading Fine Art Photographer | Fine Art Photography Training | the Newborn Photography Show

LSP Actions - used and loved by some of the world's most respected photographers

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