About Lauren

Lauren Bennett LSPI'm Lauren - a Graphic Designer, Newborn Photographer & Mother from the UK.
I run the multi award-winning Newborn Photography business Lemon Sky Photography with my gorgeous fiancée James.

From my first solo art exhibition at the age of 9, I have been hooked on all things creative and a little bit geeky. A graphic designer for the past decade as well as a newborn photographer, I understand what it's like to be burning the midnight oil with Photoshop still open.

But enough about me! Let's talk about you. Have you ever been super excited about a newborn shoot, only to later look at your photographs and feel your heart sink? You buy more props to try to give your images that wow factor you see everywhere else, but instead (and let's be honest here) you spend far too much time online gazing at other photographer's images and picking apart your own.

You wonder how they do it, if you'll ever be as good as them, if you'll ever get your galleries looking that perfect. You palm your kids off with another biscuit and sit down yet again in front of the compuer with no real idea of how you will edit this gallery  or how long it will take you (hours... days... a week? 2 weeks???).

You absently click through some of the many photoshop actions you've purchased on impulse... but still your images are missing that special something.




I'll let you into a secret: Those Rock Star Photographers you idolize? They've been where you are now and they've worked damn hard to get where they are today! Everyone reaches road blocks and EVERYONE feels that they aren't where they want to be.


This was me when I first jumped into newborn photography. "How hard can it be?" I excitedly thought. I'm a Mum, I'm a graphic designer and I'm an Artist - the perfect combo right? WRONG! Wow so wrong. I had to basically forget everything I thought I knew and learn my art and skills all over again: Editing was taking too long. My photographs weren't as good as I envisioned and, as a result, I was seriously undervaluing myself and my business. I had a head-start as a graphic designer, and made it my mission to create a series of Photoshop Actions and Presets to cut my editing way down. 

Now, I can finish a gallery in less than 2 hours and provide consistent images to my clients - but the best bit? Spending more time with my Children! 


So, if you want to speed up your editing and get those peachy skin tones you've been dreaming of, my Actions & Presets have been designed just for you. No frills, no fluff, no gimmicks (well, maybe a couple...) - these actions are designed to get the job done perfectly and quickly. All you need to know are the basics of Photoshop or Lightroom.

From Camera to Client - I'm here to help you create the images you've been dreaming of!

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 You can view my full portfolio at www.lemonskyphotography.com