Cloudy Day & Stormy Eve Balloons

The Cloudy Day & Stormy Sky Balloon

High Quality Multi-Layered Newborn Digital Background Set

to use in Photoshop

Cloudy Day & Stormy Sky Air Balloon Digital Background for Photoshop.

This unique balloon digital comes with divine background combinations guaranteed to make your clients fall in love. This is designed to be printed big and makes a stunningly unique wall art for your clients.
  • Multi-Layered Photoshop File: With different background and editing options "done for you". Includes cloudy, stormy, rainbow and many more layers, so all you need to do is add baby! 

  • Video Tutorial Included: Easy to follow step-by-step video tutorial to show you exactly how to use this stunning digital background.



Beautiful high resolution different balloon digital backgrounds. Layered PSD file for Photoshop included for different looks (including toning, a rainbow, storm clouds and more!)


Complete start-to-finish video tutorial included within your download (English - MP4) and available to watch online at any time.


Hobbyist or pro, the extra layers and blending options make this digital a snap to use. It's designed in standard 2:3 portrait ratio and high resolution because your client will want to print this HUGE!


Sent straight to your inbox and available from your account anytime. Free upgrades included.

Say hello to this darling digital composite your clients will adore.

 Introducing the Air Balloon: Cloudy Day & Stormy Eve Digital Background Duo

Surprise and delight your clients by adding their sweet baby into this luxury digital background. Just perfect as part of a newborn gallery, printed as a book cover or as large nursery art. Even if you're a beginner to using digitals, the video tutorial walks you through step-by-step and shows you exactly how to add and mask baby.

This digital background is a multi-layered file designed to be used within Photoshop. The addition of layers means you can mix and match in just a few clicks to create a unique, one of a kind finish. 

  • Base Layer: Cloudy Day

  • Base Layer: Stormy Sky

  • Change Blanket Color Layer

  • Your Baby Here Place Holder

  • Lift, Cool Matte Baby Layer Brush

  • Add A Rainbow (because after every storm...)

  • Creamy Toning

  • Vignette

  • Contrast Finish

Software Compatibility


(CS2 - CS6)

Creative Cloud

(Photoshop CC)


(PSE 14+)

Can Be Used on Mac and Windows

Cloudy Day & Stormy Eve Air Balloon Digital Background Duo

~ Instant download, keep for life ~





Meet The Creator

Hi I'm Lauren. A professional rock bassist turned internationally award-winning photographer and editing tutor (plus a mother of four spirited young kids).

As a portait photographer and designer over at Lemon Sky Photography in England, I developed and launched the LSP Actions suite of editing tools for busy photographers who know they need to crank up the "WOW factor" of their photography and speed up the turnaround for client galleries — but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to their images. The suite of Photoshop actions, presets, digital backgrounds and overlays are now used by some of the best-known photographers in the world to help edit show-stopping images. 

The range of LSP Digital Backgrounds are high resolution and designed for your clients to print HUGE! The beauty of the user-friendly design means photographers of all levels (from hobbyist to professional) can use these editing tools to transform their images. The video tutorials and guides make it so easy to get started, you can be up and running before your coffee gets cold.

Whether you're a beginner or pro, come and join the LSP Actions Editing Group over on Facebook [join group] to connect with thousands of other photographers and advance your editing skills.

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The Cloudy Day & Stormy Eve Balloon Digital Duo

~ Instant download, keep for life ~





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