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COLOR PALETTE COLLECTION - Change Colors in Photoshop

£54.25 GBP

The LSP Color Palette action sets are here. Change ANY colors in your image with ease to create a unique, realistic finish that is non-destructive and totally adaptable. These actions are suited to beginners and pros alike - simply click and paint. The LSP Actions and Presets are used by some of the world's most well known and adored photographers not only because of the sheer quality and finish, but because they save you time when editing and still retain your unique, signature style. Choose from Bold, Earthy, Whites & Lights, or all 3 for over 50% off. These are best used with Photoshop CS6 - CC in English


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The LSP Color Palette Collection adapts and adds colors to your image for you to paint on. All you need to do is click, play and paint where desired! You can adapt the strength, shade and tone to perfectly fit your image in just a few simple clicks. The colors will initially be very bold, then you can mute or make them even bolder! The colors are totally adaptable to your vision.

• A spectrum of Color change actions including a MANUAL action to choose your own and also a mix n match set.

• Tweaks section to adapt the color perfectly to your image in a couple of brush strokes

• Adapt for skin tones if your base image needs it

• Finish your overall image with a selection of finishing actions


Which set do I need? ▾ 

Which set do I need?

If you want bold color changes for your image, go for the BOLD collection.

For more subtle and muted earth color changes, choose the EARTHY collection

For whites and light images, choose the WHITES & LIGHTS collection.

Or why not grab all 3 of these versatile sets, arranged in one full action set for ease of use at a bundle discount!

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File Format
After checkout, you will be sent your download file in a separate email (make sure you check junk!) 
Inside you will find the *.atn file which is the action/ action set - double click to install into your Photoshop actions palette.
If you require further instructions, or a general overview of how to use Photoshop Actions check out the links below after you have purchased and downloaded.

How to install and use Photoshop Actions


How to Use

The action is simple to use, simply click it and paint on to the areas you'd like to sharpen. Watch the video anytime you like by coming back to this page.


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