Photoshop Action Suite

Fur Babies For Photoshop

FUR BABIES | Photoshop Action Suite for dogs and other animals 

Transform your pet portraits into high quality works of art. This set contains over 65 Photoshop Actions for a complete start-to-finish editing workflow, arranged in user-friendly color coded order so you can simply click and play. Brush on silky fur and paint that little nose so it becomes kissable. Sharpen the eyes and balance the colors just the right amount. Add sublime finishing color toners to finish. You remain in control of the edit at all times.

+ 65 Actions in workflow order

+ Compatible with Photoshop CC | Use with Mac and PC

+ Lifetime access, free updates and account

+ Full online tutorial videos

+ Facebook Group & Email Support

  • 65 PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS for CC in user-friendly order

  • SIMPLE TO USE and works with all pet and animal portraits

  • VIDEO TUTORIALS you can come back any time to watch 

  • LIFETIME ACCESS with unlimited downloads

Transform your pet portraits 

Introducing Fur Babies by LSP Actions. This Photoshop Workflow Collection contains over 65 click and paint actions for Photoshop Creative Cloud. Over a year in the making and designed with the creative input of fine art pet photographer Amanda Voller, Fur Babies is a must for modern pet photographers to create timeless portraits for their clients.

What's Included?

65 complete photoshop actions for a fine art modern pet edit for Photoshop CC

Create the most stunning pet portraits using Fur Babies for Photoshop. 

With 65 easy to use Photoshop actions in user-friendly color coded order, this stunning set will transform your pet portrait and give a unique finish to each image, putting you in control to add as much or as little  as you like. Each action can be painted on and adjusted and the entire set is non-destructive meaning the edit is not final until you say so! 


Simply click to instantly balance your image. Slide the opacity to suit

• Brighten Image Up

• Darken Image Down

• Contrast Kick

• Image Balance Base

• Warmer Scene

• Cooler Scene

• Vibrant Scene

• Calm Highlights

• Save Blacks

• Flatten and Snapshot


• Brighten Up Face and Other Areas Brush

• Gentle Darken Brush

• Smart Sharpen Brush

• Bright Eyes Brush

• Nose Kiss Brush

• Fur Details Brush

• Black Fur Rescue Brush

• White Fur Rescue Brush

• Whites Boost Brush

• Defringe Brush 


• Clean Up Brush

• Inner Ear Swap Brush

• Eye & Beard Stain Whiten


• Red Fix

• Orange fix 

• Yellow Fix

• Green Fix

• Blue Fix

• Purple Fix

• Play all and paint on

• Warm Up Brush

• Cool Down Brush 


• Draw Attention Action (with instructions)

• Ultra Details Brush

• Vibrance Brush

• Painterly Silk Fur

• Gorgeous Fur Brush


The hide action allows you to easily remove the collar, tag, harness and any other distractions in your image! Easy to use with full instructions, you just select the area you'd like to remove and the action does it for you



• Beam

• Peachy Pie

• Radiant

• Sunset Glow


• Alloy

• Emerald Isle

• Sea Foam

• Winter Coat


• Cherished

• Dreamy Haze

• Lavender Mist 

• Rose Bud


• Club

• Evening

• Fairground

• Moody Beast


• Contrast Boost

• Vignette

• Black & White

• Sharpen For Print


• Facebook Landscape

• Facebook Portrait

• Instagram

• Save for Web

• Convert to SRGB Profile

• Flatten and Snapshot

Image Gallery (slide)

Extra special thanks to Amanda Voller Dog Photographer for allowing the use of her stunning pet portraits. For inspiration visit her website here 


FUR BABIES Photoshop Action Suite


Video Tutorials 

HOW TO USE: Fur Babies for Photoshop. Overview & Edit. Walk-through video #1

HOW TO USE: Fur Babies for Photoshop. Overview & Edit. Walk-through video #2

HOW TO USE: Fur Babies for Photoshop. Removing distractions and warm edit

HOW TO USE: Fur Babies for Photoshop. Removing distractions rescue colors

FUR BABIES Photoshop Action Suite


FAQ & Support

What exactly are Photoshop Actions. Are they like a filter or a plug in?

If you are not using Photoshop Actions to help speed up and streamline your editing, you're missing out on a HUGE time-saving, image perfecting technique.

Unlike plug-ins, extensions, scripts or other external image editing software, Photoshop Actions are already a built-in feature of Photoshop meaning they are simple, user friendly and intuitive to use without degrading or diminishing the quality of your work. In a nutshell, Photoshop comes with the capability to 'record' a series of steps taken when editing an image and to save these steps to play again and again on different images. This is called an action. You can play the action every time you wish to recreate these steps on a new image. 

 BOOM - can I get a High Five?

The LSP Photoshop Actions take this not just one step further, but in leaps and bounds ahead of others to make sure you never have a bad editing day again

Some of the LSP Actions play upwards of 300 separate clicks to set up layers for you in just a few seconds... imagine how long this would take you in real time! I mean, I did do this in real time to create the actions  and trust me, it is a slow and painful process.

You will need Adobe Photoshop to run these actions. Once you install your LSP Action set into Photoshop, it will always be there for you whenever you wish to use it and however you wish to apply it. You can use LSP Actions for a complete edit, a part edit or only sometimes - it's up to you! 

I'm a beginner, can I use these?

WATCH THE VIDEO: How To Use Photoshop Actions 

Don't edit another gallery without LSP Actions installed! Because even beginners find they can create professional images far quicker by using the actions than by guess-work or trying to figure Photoshop out.

The LSP Actions can be used by beginners and experts alike - but it is recommended you have at least a basic understanding of Photoshop and know your way around the program to some degree to give yourself the best head start. Within this, it's recommended you have some knowledge of how to use Layer Masks, though the actions come with a mini instruction guide on layer masks and you can also watch the videos and edit along anytime by visiting LSP Actions on Youtube.

You can see and play your LSP Actions by opening up the actions palette (see below for more help). Then you simply click on an action (ie Reduce The Reds) and it will play out as a separate layer with a layer mask. You then paint this on to your image as you like. You can leave it as it is, or you can play with the opacity of the effect, play again for a stronger effect, edit it yourself if you wish... the freedom with LSP Actions is phenomenal for beginners and experts alike.

 So, if you know how to use layer masks and brushes in Photoshop, you'll already have a head start on using Photoshop Actions. 

BONUS You can also learn from the actions as you go, meaning you will become more proficient at hand editing in Photoshop too, without even feeling like you're learning ! 

I've tried other actions in the past and they weren't good enough... How can I trust LSP will work for me?

Not all Photoshop Actions are created equally, and unfortunately some people get burnt purchasing sub-standard products.

With the simplicity and seemingly straight-forward look of LSP compared to the astonishing results you see other photographers post, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is too good to be true. Well, don't let the intuitive interface, fast run time, simple layout or ease of use kid you into thinking these actions are basic - LSP Actions are anything but!

Designed by award winning newborn photographer, artist and graphic designer Lauren Bennett at Lemon Sky Photography and recently joined by Ana Brandt International, you'll find each LSP Action set comes with a knowledge of 15 years graphic design combined with a large scoop of award winning photography and a (generous) pinch of programing geekiness (with a side of pure pixel-nerd).

LSP Actions are user tested on thousands of images to guarantee they work exactly as told, even on your images! The LSP Actions are also updated regularly and you will receive the new versions for free once you own the set. 

One off purchase: Lifetime means lifetime here! 

No memberships, no extra payments and award winning customer support to boot, including membership of the exclusive facebook group with (to date) over 5,000 members.

 A little bit like an iceberg, the complex bulk is floating serenely beneath the surface, meaning you can trust LSP does exactly what it says on the button. Check out the reviews at the bottom of this page and search LSP Actions on facebook to see what others are saying :-)

Oh and guess what? LSP Actions has been awarded WINNER of the BEST PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE OF THE YEAR in the biggest industry awards of the year the last two years running, down to the votes of other Photographers :-)

So rest assured, you're in good hands, whether you are a brand new beginner or a rockstar 'tog, I've got your back.

Lauren xoxox

What is the Refund Policy?

REFUNDS: This is a digital Product and available for download to your computer. Once you have downloaded, I cannot issue a refund due to the digital nature of the product, so please double check that this is compatible with your software and have acknowledged that this is best used with English versions of the software. All purchases are final, so please double check you have the right software in place and understand the basics. LSP Actions cannot be held responsible for those who do not know the basics of how to use the software (for example, Photoshop or Lightroom) or who have not read the description properly.  LSP Actions cannot take liability for future updates to the software needed to run these actions or presets: LSP Actions is guaranteed to work with Creative Cloud at the time of purchase. Any future changes to the software made by Adobe Inc that renders any LSP Action products redundant is not the responsibility of LSP Actions and no refunds will be considered. LSP Actions will endeavor to provide upgrades and updates to match changes to the software, but this is not mandatory and is at the discretion of the creator Lauren Bennett.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: I can issue a refund if you have not yet downloaded (this shows my end) or have accidentally purchased the same product more than once - drop me a message right away to hello@lsp-actions.com so I can do this for you.

HOWEVER - THERE IS CONTINUED SUPPORT SO YOU CAN GET THE BEST OUT OF THIS COLLECTION!: I am proud to say that unless special circumstances apply, LSP has never been asked for a refund on the grounds of the product not being suitable. We endeavour to provide excellent user support and tutorials to make sure everyone is able to get the most out of their purchase. You are purchasing today so your editing is easier, more beautiful and consistent! You do'nt want to be disappointed and you won't. Any problems? Contact me, support or post in the Faceook Forum and you'll find help is at hand:


FACEBOOK PAGE CONTACT OR COMMENT: https://www.facebook.com/Lsp.actions.official 

FACEBOOK GROUP FOR EDITING AND USER ADVICE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LemonSkyActions/ 

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop?

You can use these Actions  fully in:

Photoshop CC Creative Cloud

The LSP Actions are designed for best use in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud in English. This is because older versions of Photoshop can become unreliable over time, they can become incompatible with newer cameras and computers and the software can degrade or get buggy the longer it is on your computer, so I'd totally recommend upgrading to the Creative Cloud Photography plan, meaning you will always be able to use the latest Photoshop and Lightroom. 

ENGLISH: The actions are in English and will not translate. You need to understand English language to use these actions.

Please note: If you are using an illegal copy of Photoshop, the actions may well not play properly as not all features will be installed. Please don't ever use cracked, shared, copied or illegal software!!!

How can I access my download after payment?

This is a digital Product and available for download to your computer.

When you make a purchase at LSP Actions, you will immediately receive a download link at checkout upon payment. You will also receive an email confirmation immediately including a download link to retrieve your digital products. You can access this whenever you like. (This email will be sent to the email address you used to purchase with).

If you can't see an email from me, please run a search of your inbox for "LSP Actions": this should bring up your order email and download link (plus any previous purchases or updates). So long as this is the email address you purchased with, you should have no problem locating your download this way.

You can also login to your account and download your files at anytime i nthe future after purchase, handy if you have a system crash! Don't have an account? You can create an account and this will automatically add any downloads plus future updates - just be sure to register with the same email address you used to purchase with.

If you can't find your download via your inbox or your account, don't worry. Please contact me at hello@lsp-actions.com with as much information as possible about your order so I can locate and resend for you. 

AFTER purchase:

How do I install Photoshop Actions? Is it simple to do?

After download, unzip the file. Then you can just double-click your new action and it will appear at the bottom of your Actions Palette in Photoshop! 

NEED MORE HELP? Visit this page for more information of how to install Photoshop actions.

TIP - Always download your actions and back the folder up to a secure Drive should you need them again in the future. 

How to I view the LSP Actions in Photoshop?

The actions palette is built into Photoshop. 

If you can't see it, simply go up to "WINDOW" and select "ACTIONS" - Now your action palette will magically appear and ready to use.

You can also use the shortcut keys [ALT] + [F9] to make your action palette appear.

I like to make sure the actions palette is dragged into a tall, narrow column so all the actions appear in a list rather than all over the place :) Simply click the side and drag it in! 

You can watch this video: How to use Photoshop Actions to see how 

Your Actions are color coded, but mine look grey. How can I get the colours?

I've set the Actions into workflow order and also color coded them into sections for ease of use. This view mode is known as "Button Mode". 

There are two ways of viewing Actions in Photoshop:

Editing Mode: This default view mode appears grey. It is laid out in a way which means you can open the action files to see what's inside them and alter the actions. When using this mode, you will need to choose an action then click 'play' in order to run the action. When you are on this mode, it's easy to accidentally alter your actions (toggling) so they no longer work properly, or to click them and accidentally open them up to show every single command (which looks very messy!)

Button mode: This view mode is where you can see the colors I have set in workflow order. You can simply click directly on an action to play it. 

To view in button mode, go to the top of your actions palette and you will see four little lines in the top right corner [ ≣ ] Click this and select "Button Mode"

You will now be able to view and use your actions in color coded one-click order 😊

My Actions were fine but now they have stopped working

Please delete your actions, restart Photoshop and reinstall your actions from your original purchased file. If they were working well before, it means something has been changed. 

Please make sure your corrupt set is definitely deleted before reinstalling.

For any problems like this with the actions, do visit the Troubleshooting Photoshop Actions page on the website and you can also contact support at hello@lsp-actions.com

There are lots of layers, should I save or flatten the picture?

It is important to flatten your image regularly in between actions. If too many action layers build up, it can play havoc with your run time and can cause error messages and program errors. This simply compresses everything you have done so far into one later, keeping things neat and tidy. You can do this by right  clicking the layers and selecting FLATTEN. Or play the Flatten action included :-)

The amount of layers you can have open really does depend on your computer spec' vs how well your version of Photoshop preferences can handle rendering lots of layers. 

Keep things clean and simple. If you worry about flattening please save back-up versions.  Sometimes, similar actions can conflict with each-other if your image isn't flattened.

I recommend flattening every one or two actions to keep things running smoothly and your interface neat and tidy.

My Actions have been updated, where do I find the updated file?

When a LSP Actions product gets updated or altered, I work hard to make sure every customer who owns the set receives the updated version via email as well as to their account.

1. DOWNLOADS AND UPDATES VIA EMAIL: Updated product emails will automatically go out to the original email address you purchased with. If you can't see an email from me, please run a search of your inbox for "LSP Actions": this should bring up your original order email, original download email and any updated product emails since your purchase.  So long as this is the email address you purchased with, you should have no problem locating your download or updated file this way.

2. DOWNLOADS AND UPDATES VIA YOUR ACCOUNT: You can login to your account and download your files at anytime. Your updates will also show in your account. Don't have an account? You can create an account and this will automatically add any downloads or updates from previous purchases, just be sure to register with the same email address you used to purchase with.

3. I STILL CAN'T ACCESS MY DOWNLOAD/UPDATE: Occasionally, there can be an issue that prevents you receiving emails relating to your order or seeing your downloads in your account. Sometimes something simple, such as a typo in the original purchase email address, or your email provider filtering or blocking messages from LSP Actions. It could also be the fact you purchased with a different email address and can't remember which one. 

Occasionally, you might be able to see the download, but access to the link may be broken or invalid. Rare but it can happen! 

If you can't find your download via your inbox or your account, don't worry. Please contact me at hello@lsp-actions.com with as much information as possible about your order so I can locate and resend for you. 

You will receive a tailored auto reply and I also aim to reply personally within 5 business days, but please be aware that due to holidays or family commitments this can be a little longer sometimes.



I ADORE LSP and just want to shout about it! Where can I leave a review?

Well thank you my friend!

Reviews mean the world to a home-grown, heart run business like LSP and your words will be treasured. Your feedback is ALWAYS appreciated via public review or private message. Love letters are my favorite.


You can go to the page of the product you wish to leave a review for and scroll to the bottom (for example, leave a review for the Signature Newborn Suite at the bottom of this page). 

All reviews at LSP are genuine and auto publish within 5 minutes.

You can also leave a review/rating on the LSP Facebook page here

Thank you!



How can I contact you?

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