Painterly Sky Kit

& Bonus Photoshop Actions.

  • 10 Pretty English Sky Drop-ins with a painterly feel. Ideal for replacing a boring white blown out sky.

  • Free Photoshop Action to help you apply and blend the sky with your image and style if you prefer. You can also apply the skies by hand or if you have the newer Photoshop Creative Cloud 2021+ using the new "Sky Replacement" feature.

  • Online tutorial video to show you how to install the bonus actions and use to apply a sky overlay to blown-out white skies. Follow along step-by-step!



Adapted to easily drop into your image in Darken or Multiply blend mode with a mask. Use the actions and it's even easier! 


Actions to help you apply, blend and adapt the skies. Alternatively, use Photoshop 2021+ Sky Replacement Feature.


Instant online library access to all 4 video lessons that walk you through. [English]


Digital download sent straight to your inbox and available from your account anytime in the future.

Introducing The

Painterly Sky Overlays 

Give your image that special something it was missing

 These pretty painterly skies, shot on the Southern Coast of England and digitally painted, are great for replacing blown out white skies or brightening up less than ideal weather conditions. These aren't just sky shots, the overlays have been adapted with transparency and toning so you can drop them in effortlessly, with the actions provided to help you along. You can also use the Sky Overlays to replace a sky in Photoshop Creative Cloud 2021 using the "Sky Replacement" option. These files will work with this method too.

 The complimentary actions provided will help you along when it comes to applying, masking and setting up the layers you need to blend. watch the video tutorials any time for a step-by-step follow along.

Software Compatibility

You can use sky overlays with any editing program that allows the use of layers. 
The Bonus actions are compatible with Photoshop versions:


CS2 - CS6

Creative Cloud

Photoshop CC


PSE 14 - 2019

Can Be Used on Mac and PC

What's Inside?

10 Pretty painterly English skies & Photoshop applicator actions. PLUS Bonus actions to create simple sky from scratch! Choose from Lemon Sky Dawn, Midday, Late Afternoon and Sunset. Actions also included to add the sun and sunset toner finish.

Painterly Sky Overlay Pack

Plus Bonus Photoshop Actions

  • 10 Painterly Sky Files

  • Online video tutorial library

  • Bonus Photoshop Actions


Meet The Creator

Hi I'm Lauren. A professional rock bassist turned internationally award-winning photographer and designer (plus a mother of four spirited young kids).

I developed and launched LSP Actions for busy photographers who are savvy enough to know they need to crank up the "WOW factor" of their photography and speed up the turnaround for client galleries, but refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to their images. And now? I want to help you get the most out of your editing. Whether you're a beginner or pro, come and join the private LSP Actions Editing Group for Photographers over on Facebook [join group] to advance your editing and learn more about LSP Actions.

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Frequently Asked...

Is this compatible with my version of Photoshop?

You can use the sky overlay images in any program that allows you to work with layers and blend modes.

The bonus actions will only work in photoshop. Use on computer/laptop Mac or Windows with Photoshop versions:

  • Creative Cloud

  • Photoshop CS4/6

  • Photoshop Elements

Not compatible with Lightroom, mobile or tablet.

• Get a free trial of Photoshop Creative Cloud here: Get Adobe Creative Cloud

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are a series of pre-recorded editing steps that you can "play" over your image using Adobe Photoshop on your computer. It's like watching an invisible editor take over your screen for a fraction of a second, so cool! 

I have designed every step of the action commands to adapt to your image. LSP Actions leave 100% room for flexibility and are non-destructive to your background layer. The open layers included mean you can tweak, reverse engineer and adapt if you like to suit your tastes even further.

I'm a beginner, is this suitable for me?

Though these LSP Overlays have been designed to the highest professional standards, beginners find these so user-friendly. So you can get started right away, wherever you are in your photography journey. The video tutorials walk you through step by step. I recommend watching the video tutorial first if in doubt to see if it is something you could do.

Please note: A working knowledge of Photoshop means you will be able to get started quicker in using these. If you are a complete beginner, please follow the video tutorials step-by-step

There is a lot of information online about using Photoshop actions, layers and brushes.

What is the refund policy?

Please note, this is a digital download. Once you purchase and have downloaded, the file is on your computer and in use, so it cannot be returned as a physical object would. Your download is non-revocable from my end. You have access for life.

But equally, I'm not a monster! So... 

If WITHIN 10 DAYS OF PURCHASE, you don't love this set or have any issues at all, just reply to your order confirmation email so we can help you out. If you can send screen shots or a shot video to show any issue you might have, this will be super helpful and means we can help faster and make sure you get the very best out of this collection. 

but if you still don't love the actions after we have assisted you and you initially contacted within 10 days of order, then of course, we will refund you. Our customer happiness is the most important thing to us :-)

At LSP Actions, we pride ourselves on over 20,000 ecstatic customers, which has landed us number 1 worldwide for the "Best Professional Photographic Software" award the last 4 years in a row and placed top for customer service world-wide! We have never been asked for a refund on the basis the product wasn't suitable or as described. I hope this reassures you. 

Can I use these on images that already have a sky, or are these best suited to blown-out white skies?

The sky overlays are best used with blown-out white sky images. So you can easily replace the boring grey or white area with a pretty sky.

You can use these sky overlays as a complete sky replacement, but please note that some 

Can I enter the images edited with these into competitions?

You are allowed to use the overlays on your images. But it depends on the rules of the competition. Some competitions do not allow you to enter into awards using overlays or elements that are not created by yourself so please check carefully.

How do I watch the video tutorials?

Painterly Sky Overlays

Plus Bonus Photoshop Actions


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