Real Bubbles | Overlays
Real Bubbles | Overlays
Real Bubbles | Overlays
Real Bubbles | Overlays
Real Bubbles | Overlays

Real Bubbles | Overlays

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Add real bubbles to your images in Photoshop with these 25 high-resolution bubble layers. Created using real bubbles in flow, these overlays are fantastic for your Cake Smash shoots, outdoor sessions, baby, child... well, whatever floats your bubble boat!

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Add Real Bubbles to your images with LSP's Organic Real Bubble Overlays for Photoshop 

These bubble overlays for Photoshop are simple to use.

1. Add the overlay to your image using File > Place or simply drag it straight in.
2. Change the blend mode of the bubble layer to SCREEN.
3. Resize to fit your image (if required).

#TIP: Add a layer mask or use erase to paint away bubbles if needed

#TIP: If the bubbles look too harsh, reduce the opacity a touch

#TIP: If you want to bubbles to look stronger, duplicate the layer and play with the opacity of the duplicate bubble layer.


Stunning images by Dinky Days Photography  

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1. Adding Bubbles Manually:



2. Using the LSP BuBbLeS Action!!!


3. Using the LSP BuBbLeS Action!!!



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After checkout, you will be sent your download file in a separate email (make sure you check junk!) 

Inside you will find the *.atn file which is the action/ action set - double click to install into your Photoshop actions palette.

If you require further instructions, or a general overview of how to use Photoshop Actions check out the links below after you have purchased and downloaded.

How to install and use Photoshop Actions



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