Create A Dust Scatter & Bokeh In Photoshop | Using Custom Brushes

Creating your own dust scatter brush in Photoshop is super easy and the perfect way to add dust, debris, floating particles or bokeh to your images

The possibilities are endless as you can play with the settings so easily.
I've recorded a live video showing just how simple it is to create your brushes. There is also a step-by-step guide below the video AND 4 free brushes, as shown in this video to get you started.




  1. Create a new image (650 x 650px is a good size)
  2. With a round black brush, create 2 - 4 varying dots on your image
  3. Go to EDIT > DEFINE BRUSH PRESET and save your brush
  4. Close the image
  5. Go to WINDOWS > BRUSH to open up the brush palette
  6. Start from the top and work your way down:
    Brush Tip Shape: Set the spacing to 1000&
    Shape Dynamics: Size Jitter 100% | Angle Jitter 100% | Roundness Jitter (optional)
    Scattering: Scatter 1000% [both axes] | Count jitter optional
    Build Up: Optional
    Smoothing: Optional
  7. Create a new layer, set to Overlay or Soft Light
  8. Play with your new brush! The possibilities are endless, just play until you get the result you desire
  9. Optional - add a layer mask and paint away / add in dust
#Tip: For a bokeh brush, set the "wet edges" option
#Tip: For pixie dust create stars on your new brush preset, rather than dots. Add an "outer glow" layer style for a glow effect



 I have created 4 free scatter brushes for you to download and play with. Let me know the email address you'd like me to send your brushes to! Happy scattering...

Fine Scatter Brush | Fairy Dust trail Brush | Bokeh Brush | Scatter Brush Soft


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How to install your brushes - simply open the ZIP and double click the*.abr brush file. They will appear in the bottom of your photoshop brush palette.


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