Change Colours in Photoshop | Quick Editing Hacks | #LSP2MinHacks

How to change colours in Photoshop using the colour replacement brush

There are many MANY ways to change colours in photoshop. Have you ever wondered what the colour replacement brush was all about? If you've not noticed it, click and hold down on your brush icon... see it there? If you don't you may want to switch to the 'Essentials' view (under window > workspace).

This brush is GREAT for customising the colours of specific areas in your image. An item of clothing, a bonnet, wrap or fabric. It's easy to use and gives great results.

As part of a new series 'Quick Editing Hacks' I show you exactly how to use this tool, in 2 minutes  (well I lie... I run over a little in this one).

Please note - I move FAST in this video! So do watch twice and pause 2nd time if needed. Enjoy the video below and leave a comment! I love to hear from you




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