Ok, I'm really excited to share this with you today - how to create your very own beautiful scrolly-script handwritten logo using Photoshop in minutes. 

Please enjoy this live video tutorial, as usual it is unscripted and a little poor quality on the sound so I do apologise! I will record a clearer one soon but wanted to get this out as I know so many are wishing to know this super secret and easy trick!




  • Step 1: Download the Sugarlands Script Brush Set (I'm not affiliated, I just adore this brush set!)
  • Step 2: Open the brushes in Photoshop or Elements (double click them)
  • Step 3: Create a new image (the larger the better, you want your logo to be as high-res as possible for future use as this will be a raster image, not a vector You can always shrink it after as needed)
  • Step 4: Select the brush tool on 100 opacity of your chosen color. Create a new layer for each letter/embellishment and away you go!
  • #TIP you can use Free Transform (CMND/CTRL + T) to resize your letters and rotate to fit)
  • #TIP you can use layer styles to change the colour/add a stroke in the case of the circle or add a shadow etc. This is non-destructive and totally changeable.
  • #TIP: Back your logo up and save in all sizes and formats for use. I recommend:
    - Full size PSD
    - Transparent Background PNG at 2500px for watermarking and CD/USB print
    - Transparent background PNG at 1000px for web use
    - Black, White and your colour choice variations
    - White Background JPG at 2500 px for other use
    - White Background JPG at full size for other use
    - Your colour choice background JPG for other use
    - Full size PDF file for publications, signs and stationary etc


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Enjoy creating your beautiful logo and don't forget to sign up to my mailing list below for more tips and tutorials like this :-) Oh and, as if I don't ask enough - I always appreciate a comment on my blog! It's like a little pick me up when coffee isn't enough ha.

Lauren xoxox