How to use Photoshop to composite a Newborn Baby and a Prop

Have you ever wondered how to use Photoshop to safely composite a Newborn and a prop together after the shoot?

Whether you like to use digital backdrop backgrounds, or you shoot your own props in studio - the secret to compositing a newborn pose and prop together in photoshop is forward planning - your lights, the angle... I discuss it all in this video walk-though.

How to composite baby photoshopBeing able to composite in Photoshop is a very important safety aspect of newborn photography and is something every newborn photographer should be able to do to some degree if they're wishing to create shots like this with precious newborn babies.

Not only is compositing a newborn in photoshop after the session the safest way to shoot a complex prop shot, knowing how to composite also opens up so many possibilities for your creativity! You will also be able to race through your session, keeping baby posed and content where they are rather than moving them onto/into other props.

The illusion that baby is genuinely in/on a prop can be difficult to get right sometimes but I will show you how in the free video tutorial.

This is a live, real-time edit using Photoshop CC and Lightroom (optional). I talk through the importance of compositing and the reason I always choose to composite rather than get this type of shot "in camera".

In this full-length 37 minute video, I cover the following:

• Why I choose to use compositing in newborn photography

• How to take the shots needed for the end result 

• How to use Photoshop to composite 2 (or more) images together

• How to blend the images realistically

• How to add layer masks

• How to add adjustment layers

• How to use the Quick Selection tool, Liquify and other photoshop tools

• How to use keyboard shortcuts to edit faster

• A Live mini-demo edit using the Signature Newborn Collection for Photoshop version 3

• How Photoshop and Lightroom work together to save you time & streamline your editing & organisation

So, please enjoy this FREE Photoshop composite tutorial and I wish you happy compositing!


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