How To Add Perspective To Texture Overlay

Add perspective to a texture overlay in Photoshop to make it look realistic

Do you ever feel you could tweak a texture to suit the perspective of your image instead of appearing flat over the top? If you haven't, I bet you're thinking so now!

I'm going to show you how you can change a texture from looking flat and just laying over the top of your image, to instead looking as though it is painted onto your backdrop and moves in line with your subject. 

Sound complicated? Nah, it's really not. You can do this in just a minute. Watch the short video below and I'll show you how: 


  1. Add your texture (either using the LSP Texture action or your own way).

  2. Resize the texture to fit and tweak as needed. Make sure it has a layer mask. 

  3. Select your subject. I use the Quick Select wand [W] 

  4. Refine the selection if needed (using Select and Mask)

  5. Remove the texture from your subject's skin

  6. Unlink the layer mask from the texture layer by clicking the little lock icon.

  7. Make a selection from the bottom up until the natural 'horizon' of your background.

  8. Select "Free Transform" > "Perspective" and drag the bottom of the selected area of texture out to the right and left to create a perspective that matches that of your image.

  9. Hit enter and you're done - BOOM!

  10. Lay back and bask in your own cleverness.



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